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Nursing strike?

Has anyone else experienced this? What helped? I am devastated right now. DD has been refusing to nurse since last evening. She nursed once this afternoon when I laid her down on the bed and dangled my boob over her. I am pumping, but I am worried about my supply if this goes on any longer. Please help!!

Re: Nursing strike?

  • Just make sure you pump every time she is supposed to nurse to keep your milk up...GL
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    Just make sure you pump every time she is supposed to nurse to keep your milk up...GL

    This.  Make sure that you are still getting plenty of wet diapers and call your doc if you think something is up.  Chances are that everything is fine.  My LO has gone on "strike" a few times.  It's frustrating for us, not so much for the babies.

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  • On the contrary, I do think it is frustrating for the babies.  Wouldn't you be frustrated if you were hungry but "couldn't" eat?  There were too many other things to look at, or your throat hurt, or your teeth, or ears, or you had heard a loud noise last time you were at the breast..... and so you just couldn't do it?  I think it is frustrating for babies especially because they can't objectively look at the situation.

    Anyway, DD is striking.  We're on day 3.  I can get her to nurse if she's already asleep and I put her to the breast.  She won't nurse while awake, even in the middle of the night (that's new as of last night).   It's no fun. 

     Does your DD take bottles?  I would stop giving them to her and feed her with a syringe or something.  Or, if you can get her to nurse while asleep that would be better, so maybe she'll slighty wake up and realize that it is nice and comfy to be at mom's breast. has info on other things to do (lots of contact, skin to skin, babywearing, no pressure to nurse, etc.).  If you can't get her to nurse even while asleep or just barely, then definitely pump a lot to keep your supply up.

    What I've read is that usually they only last a few days but there are quite a few stories I read about them lasting weeks and months.  Especially if the strike is related to distraction, you might be feeding mostly at night or while sleepy for months and months before things turn around.  I know, not encouraging.

    I completely understand the frustration and I'm sorry you're going through this.  It sucks.  I wish my DD would stop striking too.  i hope it ends soon and good luck.

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