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What does your day look like?

My LO is 6 months old and on days we don't get out of the house, I'm bored out of my mind and I feel like he is too - I definitely worry that he isn't stimulated enough by just hanging around the house all day.  So what kind of activities do those of you with babies do, both at home and out of the home?  We have a couple of play/mom groups we attend, but that's not every day.  We're just in need of some fresh ideas!
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Re: What does your day look like?

  • image Mrs.KLF:
    I definitely worry that he isn't stimulated enough by just hanging around the house all day. 

    This doesn't have to be the rule, you know? You can alter his home environment (easily and inexpensively) so that it is plenty stimulating.  In fact, it likely already is...just have to get a little creative and see the big, crazy world though his eager eyes.  

     Are YOU getting a little bored being at home? Maybe that is the only problem.

    If you are mostly concerned about him - Show him everything in your world/environment.  Explain it to him.  Let him experience things with all of his senses.   Talk together, experience together, and discover together.  There are plenty of opportunities to do that at home.  Different rooms, different heights/perspectives, different textures, different sounds, different tastes, different peers, different sequence of events, different consequences. 

    You don't necessarily have to get out of the house....unless YOU want to.  gl 

  • My baby is 4 months old and our days include play time with mommy, play time alone...with me watching and recording :) , reading, flash cards, tummy time, and walks...we change it up a bit.. we also go to play in different rooms of the house with different toys...ect
  • We have a membership to a private club that has a beach/pool, so we spent a good amount of our summer there. I'm going to be bummed when labor day comes around and we can't do that anymore! We also have a year long membership to the zoo, and live close to one, so we do that often. He likes watching the kids much more than the animals, and I usually get some mom socialization time. Obviously those aren't options for everyone, so that wasn't too useful. lol.

    My only idea is the playground. I put DS on the swings, and he likes watching the older kids play. We're considering joining the Y in the fall for swimming lessons/activities, but I'm not sure if they have much geared towards his age group.

    At home, he's crawling/cruising, so we have a lot of toys that are geared towards that. He espiecially loves his fisher price laugh and learn home. We also have toys he can pull hismelf up to standing and hit things that light up which he really loves as well. Then the simple things like stuffed animals, books, etc. are all good things to have, especially around his age.

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  • You could take him to a pet store and let him see the fish. 
  • Sounds like momma's bored! I've totally been there, and I think any new mom can say the same thing at some point during that 1st year! You need to get out! Go to a park, put a blanket on the grass, and let baby roll around and check out the sights. Put the baby in a stroller and go to the mall and window shop or grab a coffee. Call up a friend or family member and meet for lunch. Sometimes just a good old fashioned walk works wonders!
  • Hi!

    I know that you said that you have a couple of play dates but i was wondering if you were actually involved in a steady play group.  I am the organizer of one and we do about 3 a week.  It can be a great place for you to meet other moms and for your kiddo to interact with other children.  Try looking up play groups on  I hope this helps!

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