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well, I have the unhappiest baby on the block :(

For whatever reason, DS will not stop crying. He's been fed multiple times, burped, changed... I've rocked him, sang to him, held him. He just won't stop. I had to put him down before I lose it. My parents are coming for the weekend (they live a few states away)- is it terrible that I just want them here to take him?! DH is NO help... I feel like a bad mother, but I just can't take the crying anymore. I have no idea why he does this, but it happens a lot. I think he might have colic- if he doesn't have a boob in his mouth or if he's not sleeping, he's screaming. Sometimes even with a boob in his mouth he starts fussing. I just want to cry too because he seems so unhappy and always looks grumpy.
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Re: well, I have the unhappiest baby on the block :(

  • Best advice I ever heard.... sometimes baby just cry. 


  • I didn't see it on your list of what you have tried, but have you taken his temp? And since you ref. HBOTB, did you try the 5 s's? My guy's secret is swaddle, sway (has to be held and I move side to side, like dancing) and suck... He usually does fine with those three when he is otherwise inconsolable. Good Luck... Just remember, it isn't personal.. Crying is the only form of communication they have, walking away for a few minutes for yourself isn't the worst thing in the world... We all need a little recoop.


  • You are not a bad mother. I guarantee that every parent has felt like this at some point; just completely helpless. My advice is to take advantage of relatives who want to babysit. Getting a break really does give you a renewed energy to love your baby while he is screaming at the top of his little lungs.
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  • I know this may sound crazy...but have you tried the vacuum cleaner? A few weeks ago when my LO was going through a growth spurt and was acting just like you explained I finally gave in and turned on the dyson. He stopped crying immediately. I would keep it on until he went to sleep or seemed content. You are not a bad mother...the fact that you are concerned about how to make him happy proves that. 
  • My baby is a screamer sometimes, I try to remind myself there are always more things to try.  Some things that have worked occasionally: walking outside, swinging (in my arms), swaddling.  Good luck, and I agree with the other post, sometimes they just cry.
  • Sometimes a short walk outside or a car ride helps out a lot. Listening to a baby cry is so draining. Just hang in there, it won't be like this forever. (((hugs)))
  • I dont have any magical advice for you but I am in the same boat & feel your pain! This WILL pass:) In all honesty, I thought the first 3 months completely sucked with my daughter & then it was amazing! - I love the sound you make when you shut up. Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
  • I hear you!  I went to the doc yesterday and he said that his own wife used to just put the baby in the crib and sit on the front steps of their house with the baby monitor at the end of long days.  The baby was safe, and she needed to get away for a while.  If your DH is really no help, then it might be time for an intervention.  In the meantime, take deep breaths, have a beer (it'll help with your milk supply!), and hang in there.  You're not a bad mom - you're a great mom for caring and for taking care of your little crankypants!
  • hey there. i'm sending good thoughts your way. i've had those moments too.

    you know what helped me tremendously? the ergo baby carrier and the heart-to-heart insert. i know it's expensive, but honestly? the MOMENT i put my daughter in it and carried her close to my chest, she stopped crying.

    it's worked EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. since then.

    for the record, i'm not affiliated with ergo at all. just a happy mom :)

    just wanted to pass along my solution! hang in there :)

  • DS was like this for a few weeks, and I couldn't take it. I was going crazy, I was mad and upset and felt like I was failing.

    The 'advice' that finally changed my mood was when my mom explained it as "Sometimes babies just need to cry. They just lay around all day, sleep and eat. It's not like they can go for a run and burn off all this energy that's been building up - the only way they know how to expel their energy is to scream". The next week of his constant yelling got a little easier to deal with after that.

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  • You are not alone.  My DS cried and cried and cried some more for the first 10 weeks. The night I brought him home from the hospital he cried from 12-3 a.m. nonstop.  Things that work for us are swaddling him, putting him on my hip facing outward with my hand on his stomach and walking around the house/bouncing him up and down slightly, the MEDICINE BALL (this has been by far the greatest calming tool).  I just sit on the medicine ball and hold my baby close and bounce and bounce and bounce.  Also, you might want to try Gripe Water. That calms my son as well.  Remember you really are not alone and it will get better. My son will be 13 weeks on Sunday and it is slowly getting better.  My son's pedi says a lot of his crying/gas/fussiness has to do with an immature digestive system.  It takes 13 weeks for their digestive tract to develop.  That could be what is going on with your son as well.  Take good care of yourself.  If you need to, put your baby in his crib, shut his door and go outside for a minute.  That's what our Pedi recommended. Your son will be just fine and your are not a bad mother at all! 
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  • A little time outside always does the trick in my household.  Good luck.
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  • Been there!  My baby screamed and I mean screamed about 90% of his waking life until he was almost 11 weeks old (2 weeks ago).  then one day he was just happy all the time. It helps to know he will grow out of it, but for the time is enough to drive you mad.  Try to get away for at least 10 minutes a day for some you time....really, it does end. Hang in there!
  • Have you tried a pacifier?  Could it be gas?  I find my son sometimes has gas and needs to have his legs moved around like riding a bike, or I bring his legs up to his belly to get the gas out.

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  • This exactly. My DH worked nights so I was alone. I'd put AdD in the swing crib ect. Some place she was safe and go sit on the steps for 5 minutes. I would leave the door open but not take the monitor. If there was a thud or boom I'd hear it but it gave me a small escape from the crying. The downside was I picked smoking back up during that time ( which I've vowed not to do again this time lol).
  • Are you sure that he is getting enough to eat? Just because he has your boob in his mouth doesn't mean that you are producing enough, etc.  Is his weight gain normal w/ normal # of wet & soiled diapers?
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