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Braxton Hicks question, por favor

so I *think* I've had a couple of these.  I just feel my ute tighten really hard for a short bit and then I can poke it and it feels softer again.

I was talking to my sister and mom about this last night and they're both like, NO, that's NOT a Braxton Hicks.  It feels like a REAL contraction and it's accompanying by a shooting pain in your cervix. 

Now, it's been close to 32 years since either of them had a baby (they were actually pregnant at the same time with me and my neice), and I thought that these "practice contractions" actually didn't do much to your cervix, so why would I feel it there?

but they insisted that I'll KNOW when it's a Braxton Hicks and that it will be horribly painful.  I thought that these "practice" contractions weren't all that bad.

what say you, my Braxton-Hicks Contracting Sisters?



Re: Braxton Hicks question, por favor

  • like PP said, BH's dont GENERALLY hurt, just uncomfortable. Feels like your ute turned into a big rock for a minute or so. 

    Contractions are mega painful, like a incredibly bad menstrual cramp. BHs are also supposed to be non-consitant and irregular as far as length/strength and such.

    MIL and My mother like to tell me stuff like that all the time. I dont know if they realized medicine has changed in the past 25 yrs. 

  • Compared to real contractions BH don't hurt but you def can tell that it's happening.  They are def uncomfortable and to me you know when you are having them.  Sometimes I'll have BH and I do have the cramping in my cervix area and sometimes it is just my stomach.  However over the past couple of days I have had BH and they were consistent for about an hour and then they stopped.  I also read somewhere that BH earlier in pg can feel like the baby is rolling over but it's actually the contraction.  Hth :)

  • yes, I feel uncomfortable for a minute with the tightening and it will kind of make me catch my breath, but nothing "painful" per se.

    thanks for your opinions, ladies!  I think we're right and my sis/mom are incorrect. 

  • No, BH should not be overly painful or accompanied by shooting pain.  You'll feel your belly tighten, and it may be uncomfortable, but shouldnt be painful.  What you described sounds like BH.

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  • Sounds like you are having BH's.  Mine weren't necessarily uncomfortable but I could tell I was having them.  It's gotten harder to tell for me bc some of LO's movements feel like them but I start poking around on my bump and can tell I'm not having one bc my ute isn't hard.

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  • The way it was described to me is you can talk and walk through Braxton Hicks, and when you change positions it subsides. Contractions increase when you move and keep coming and you cant talk or walk through most of them.  Sounds like your having Braxton Hicks. I think its best to remember we are all different and will experience braxton hicks differently.  And maybe your pain tolerance is higher then your mom and sisters, so to them it was painful.
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