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In need of encouragement

I only have 2 weeks 6 days until my EDD. I am still working. I work in a mechanics shop where I distribute the necessary parts to fix the vehicles. Which wouldn't be bad because I get to sit at my desk most of the day but we don't have much air conditioning in here. It is usually between 90 and 100 degrees daily. I've talked to my DH about going on leave early because the heat suck the energy out of me, not to mention the size of my ankles by the time the work day is over, he says I can do whatever I am comfortable with. Our problem is if I stay at home we live in a tiny town outside of any "real" town so if I were to go into labor I would be at home alone. It would take DH about 20 minutes to get there then another 15 minutes back into town to the hospital. So I've been telling myself to suck it up drink tons of water and continue working until I go into labor so I don't end up in a bad situation. I can do this right? It's only 20 days away....

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  • Take leave seriously.. If your that concerned about your DH getting there.. You have nothing to worry about.

    My DH works 24 hr shifts and isn't taking leave till im in LABOR.. and he work 1 hr and 15 mins away.. your not gonna push that baby out in an hr.. and most likely you will know your contractions are about 6-7 mins apart then you can call your DH to come home.


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  • So only 35 minutes to get to the hospital?  That's not bad at all!  When I was working when I was pregnant with my first, I was at LEAST an hour away from the hospital (with DH getting to my work or home and then to the hospital).  DH works about 45 minutes away now and we're 15-20 minutes from the hospital, so again, about an hour... it's not like most women go from slight contrax to delivering in that short period of time, so I'm not worried.
  • I would take the time off.   I stopped working at 38 weeks & it's so worth it.   Like the others said 35 minutes isn't bad & if you were to progress really rapidly & DH wasn't home you could always call an ambulance.   


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  • You will be fine. My DH works about 10 minutes from the house, but the hospital without traffic is about 20-30 mins away depending on traffic. The chances of you going into labor and being ready to push in less than an hour are very slim.  Also most doctors want you to labor 5-1-1 before you start going to the hospital.  I wish you a smooth and safe delivery and please do not let your decision to continue to work be based on your travel time.
  • Take the leave now. You need to be resting with your feet up.  DH works 1 hour out of town, then we live about 20 mins from the hospital.  You will be fine. 
  • I'm starting my leave on Monday (yay!) and live an hour away from the hospital I will be delivering at.  My DH works near the hospital so he would have to drive an hour home and an hour back with me...I'm not that worried.  I just figure if something starts I'll call him and he can come home right away.  You should be fine with only 35 minutes!
  • Agreed with all of the above!  Don't let the 35 minutes be the reason to stay miserable and unhealthy for the next few weeks.  You should have PLENTY of advance warning when baby is coming, and if not you can call 911 if you absolutely need to.
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