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Tips for moving labor along...

Let's second timers give these girls some advice on ways to progress your labor without medical intervention! Also, always good to get new tips.

1) Take a shower (not bath) and let the water run on your chest/boobs. It stimulates milk and oxytocin to strengthen your cx. I was stalling with DD and this got things moving FAST!

2) Use a breast pump. Its a good way to get nipple stimulation without the weirdness of you, or worse, DH playing with your nipples during labor.

Re: Tips for moving labor along...

  • I agree with the nipple stimulation.  Works great!

    There are also some acupressure points that work well.  You can search "accupressure points to stimulate labor" on YouTube and see exactly where they are. 

    There are also some herbal/homeopathic ways to move things along.  Most MWs can tell you about them. 

  • Have sex, have sex, have sex! The day I went into labor we did "it" three times and had been at least twice a day for a week (my DH had/has never been so happy)! Oh and make sure you orgasm (sorry TMI).

    Edit: Oh good grief, I guess I should read a little more thoroughly before I post (it's been a long day)! Well, my advice is good for starting labor, but I can't imagine anyone wanting sex while in labor!

    Ok, for moving labor along keep moving and relax during every contraction. If you can't relax the rest of your body, at least relax your face and let your jaw go slack, your body will follow.

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  • Bouncing on an excersize ball. Worked like a charm!
  • The nipple stimulation is my biggest tip, too.  But I just did it myself with my fingers... anything to avoid Pitocin!  My midwife told me I could do it or DH could do it but if DH was going to do it, she was leaving the room, haha.  I did it myself through my shirt.  Awkward?  Yeah, a little... but trust me, anything is worth a pass on Pitocin.
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  • Sex. As soon as I had one tiny little spot of blood DH and I had sex. I delivered 5 hours later.
  • Go into "nesting" mode. DS came a week early because I hosted a Nestie GTG at my house....DH and I cleaned the house from top to bottom AND I baked cookies with the girls all day long. I was on my feet practically the whole day and just as we were decorating the cookies, my water broke! I rolled on the exercise/birthing ball for a long while before we went to the hospital.

    Note: If you do wind up cleaning/organizing the house and you go into labor, make sure that you rest'll need the energy for the pushing.

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