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BRU/Target Coupons

I thought you get 20% off coupons from Target and BRU when you register there. I put my due date as my shower date (July 31). Should they be sending me coupon? Does anyone know how that works?

Re: BRU/Target Coupons

  • you need to be a rewards member i think to get the mailings with the 20% off coupons, and they almost always give you one to use later when you make a purchase.   We just went last week and asked for our registry completion coupon because we hadn't gotten it in the mail yet and needed to buy some things.  they gave us a 10% off coupon to use on everything, that you can use for a full day and combine with 20% off coupons.   well the next day we got our completion coupon in the mail....it was 15% off!!!! so i went back with all my reciepts and they adjusted it all!  we saved another $40!!  something to watch for. i don't know anything aoubt 20% off target coupons, i did jsut get our completion coupon from target and it was 10%.  another thing they will tell you is the items left on your registry must be there for 2 weeks to use the completion coupon.  NOT TRUE.  i added some items right before we went shopping and no problems getting the discount.  hope all my rambling helps you!
  • I registere with both places too and they both sent a coupon to finish my registry but it was only a 10% coupon...I thought it was supposed to be 20% also Sad
  • I just spoke to the registry people at BRU and she said it should be sent out 3 weeks before the date you put on the registry.  She mentioned if you don't receive it they can give you one if you walk in and ask for it, or they can mail it to you if you call them.
  • Both coupons were 10% off.  I received the Target coupon last week and the BRU coupon today. 

    The Target coupon can be used once online but multiple times in store until it expires.  However, my coupon code wouldnt work so I had to call Target and they submitted the order for me.  I'm curious to see if it will work in store.

    The BRU coupon says it can only be used 1 day.

    EDIT:  The date on both of my registries was my due date - 9/10.

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  • My BRU completion coupon was 10%. I got it in the mail 3 weeks before my event date (due date). It says on the coupon that it can be used one time in store and online (for that day that you use it in store only) until the expiration day. Mine didn't expire until november. It can be used in combination with one 20% off one item coupon, but with multiple other "weekly special" coupons (I get these in my email). If you use it in store first and plan to use it online, be sure to write down the online code from the coupon, because the store will keep the actual coupon. You can request your completion coupon at the store, but it will cancel the mailed one (which has the online code). HTH
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