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alex is here! long

well after weeks of waiting the dr finally made the call to induce me on friday august 6th at 41w and 6days. We got to the hospital around 730am and the pitocin was started at 830. The contractions were pretty small so i didnt feel much really at all. Around 1230 the dr checked my progress and i was 4cm dilated so she decided to break my water. I didnt realize this and then though i peed the bed while she was examining me. Just to let you guessers and wonders know if your water really breaks trust me you will know it! After the water break they amped up my pitocin which unfortunately caused the contractions to become too close and over stimulate me which was awful. A half hour of contractions a minute apart and only 1cm of progess! Around 2 or so i got my epidural which was hard to do since i was contracting so badly. Unfortunately the first one didnt take to my left side and they ended up giving me statol to calm me while they had to redo the epidural again. Once that was in around 3 the dr came in to tell me i had dilated to 6cm and it would be about an hour a cm and 2 hours or so of pushing most likely so the baby would be born around 930. Well with all this medication rushing around in me i ended up throwing up and becoming all disoriented. Finally i was able to fall asleep and woke up around 630 or 7. Around 730 i had this intense pressure and urge to push they checked me and i was finally 10cm and ready! I began to push around 730 and again became sick and threw up around 845 which actually benefited because it pushed alex over my pelvic bone to get him goin. Finally at 8:59pm baby Alex  decided to join the world! He weighed in at 7lb and measured 20inches long and is absolutely perfect :) His dad cried and so did my mother. It was just such an overwhelming feeling and even though it was excruciating i ensure all of you its the easiest pain ever to forget! good luck to all of you still waiting just remember that they cant stay in there forever!

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