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anyone still running?

I run once or twice a week, about 3 miles. They started a running club at my school (to get ready for the Honolulu Marathon that I cannot do this year:(

I was asking about the whens and wheres and they said I could not join. They were just trying to be nice, but come on. Am I pushing it? My dr said I could run, but not to over do it.

How is everyone else getting their blood pumping?

Re: anyone still running?

  • While I'm not running (I walk 2-3 miles a day just going to and from town with DS in the stroller - that's enough for me!), I will just say that I thought the advice on running and any high impact exercise was as long as you feel comfortable with it, but usually not into the third tri, as your bump just gets unweildy.

    As for exercise, my sister swapped aerobics for water aerobics in both her pregnancies and found it a really good, low-impact, work out.

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  • Does running around at work count?? I work a busy trauma floor as a nurse so that is more then I can handle after 12 hours :) But I do walk my dogs! And when it cools down here in south Texas, DH and I will be hiking again!

    I say if u can do it and keep your pulse/ blood pressure down and feel great then go for it! Of course follow your OBs advice!

  • I've finally stopped running these past couple of weeks.  The heat was really getting to me, and I was just feeling really uncomfortable.  Although now that I haven't been running, I think I feel even more uncomfortable!  I'm used to several runs a week.  Walking/biking/swimming just isn't cutting it for me. 
  • I don't run (always hated it) but I still do my gym routine 4-5 times a week.  I do 40 minutes on the elliptical (high resistance, hills, reverse,etc) then I do my weight routine which is a combination of free weights and machines.  I alternate upper and lower body days.
  • I wish I could still run a full 3 miles! Unfortunately I tend to get out of breath and my legs don't want to keep up after quarter mile intervals, so I alternate that with fast walking.  I've done a lot of reading about running during pregnancy and had intended to keep going until the end, which you can do as long as it's feeling comfortable enough to you, even in the 3rd tri.  The book "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy" by James Clapp has great info and motivation for running throughout pregnancy. 
  • I still am (indoors at the gym. it's too hot/humid to run outside right now).  3 times a week, though I alternate between the machines (treadmill vs. eliptical).

    I noticed I'm sucking wind a lot more these days and it's taking me longer to recover. Which is normal, I suppose, but kinda frustrating from a mental  standpoint.

  • I don't run, but I still lift weights 3-4x per week. Being pregnant hasn't changed my routine. Also, a friend of mine who trains for marathons was running even in the last month of her pregnancy. Just listen to your body and stop if you feel lightheaded or overheated.
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  • I am still running and have gotten the okay from the doctor to do so.  If they are making such a fuss maybe you should give them a note from your doctor?
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  • I now WISH I was a runner!  I've had several friends run through their entire pregnancies and they've had smooth labors.  Statistically, runners have shorter and easier labors, too. =)

    Unfortunately, I can't get much done beyond walking a lot (and sometimes not even a lot) because my blood pressure has been so wonky. 

  • i am not much of a runner, but i have been keeping up an exercise routine walking 2-3x a week, plus i bought a couple of pregnancy workout dvd's so i could continue my strength training knowing it was safe.. if you want a dvd recommendation, i LOVE "perfect pregnancy workout". the girl is a little strange but it really is a good workout.
  • I don't run, but I have kept up my gym routine. I do Zumba (dance aerobics) 4 days a week and walk/hike (very intense with hills) 2 days a week.  I take 1 day off.  This is actually a big decrease in activity for me since pre-pregnancy I worked out for 2-3 hours a day, but I'm finding that it's keeping me feeling fairly fit and good.  I keep trying to remind myself that my body is under a lot of stress right now and I shouldn't expect it to do exactly what it could before. 

    I think the most important thing is to keep exercising.  If you do that, I'm sure you'll bounce back quickly and be back up to your normal running schedule in no time.  

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  • Yup, I'm still running, doing step aerobics & walking the dog daily.  I've found that I've needed to alter my route so there are no hills and I've started taking walk breaks more frequently.  I trained for both my half marathons doing the 10 min running:1 min walking, which I have kept up until recently, I am down to ~8 min running:1 min walking which helps with my constant out of breathe.

    My doctor told me that she won't tell me not to do anything.  She said that I'm in great shape and as long as I want to stay in shape, exercise in any form is good for you.


  • Do yall have a problem keeping your heart rate down?  My dr told me to keep my heart rate below 140 but when I run it gets too high.  I try the run/walk, but I cant run far without it going up.  Does anybody else have this problem??

  • I am still running, and my OB has ok'd me to continue doing so as long as I want. The only caution he gave me is that as my center of balance shifts and the relaxin hormone loosens up my joints I need to be a little extra careful not to injure myself.

    If the running club is geared towards running a marathon distance, their training plan may be a little too heavy on miles for you at this time. It would be pretty intense going from the 5K distance to a full marathon even if you weren't pregnant, and when you're pregnant, your focus is typically more on maintaining your current activity level than increasing it greatly.

    If you need something to keep you motivated, how about signing up for some shorter races, like 5Ks? That's what I've been doing. I can still work on my times a little (actually set a PR in my first trimester) but it's not as stressful as trying to work on longer distance runs.


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