3rd Trimester

I don't know how you do it...

Those of you who are working up to or close to your due date.  THANK GOD I have off in the summer and a summer baby.  I feel like crap. I can't sleep and after walking around for a bit start to feel crampy and every baby movement causes a new pain.  I have no idea how I would manage if I was still teaching during all of this. 

Seriously, those of you who are still working deserve an award. 

Re: I don't know how you do it...

  • Please feel free to send the award on over. I like chocolate as well.
  • I'll take my award in the form of ice cream please.  Mint Choc Chip.  Thanks.
  • image Monkey304:
    Please feel free to send the award on over. I like chocolate as well.

    I would like an award made of chocolate. 



    Unable to even.  


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  • You can mail my award to...and some cookies would be nice as well. Smile

    I have to say, I'm ready to check out of this place but I'm going to be swamped for the next two weeks. 


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  • i will gladly take a reward in the form of cupcakes....or mashed potatoes...
  • image Monkey304:
    Please feel free to send the award on over. I like chocolate as well.

    You read my mind!  Lol, I got distracted when I started thinking about warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies....


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  • I'll take my award made of chocolate with some vanilla ice cream on the side...Thanks!! Wink
  • I would like my award with fresh raspberries and whipped cream
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  • I will take mine in the form of cherry cheesecake, or Ben and Jerry's....preferably Peanut Brittle flavor.
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  • I see starbucks as a fitting reward, Lol

  • image LILBIT1221:
    i will gladly take a reward in the form of cupcakes....or mashed potatoes...
    mmmm....mashed potatoes.
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  • is it strange that after reading all of this... I suddenly want chocolate oreos with vanilla ice cream and a side of mashed potatoes with gravy??
  • lol. I stopped working at 32 weeks and I couldnt imagine still working. I was sooo annoyed all of the time and everyone I spoke to always pissed me off... I just couldnt do it anymore
  • Oh the fear is setting in!  It's been so nice being off all summer, but I go back to the classroom this Thursday.  I'll work about 6 weeks before LO comes.  I wasn't as lucky as those who were able to schedule due dates during summer time.
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  • I didn't think it would be very hard but it is getting tougher and I'm only at 33 weeks. I can't believe I could be here for 8 or so more!
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  • image mziegenhein:
    I'll take my award in the form of ice cream please.  Mint Choc Chip.  Thanks.

    Yes, i will take one of these too ;P 

  • Since you are a teacher, I was going to ask for a nice sticker!  Of course, the items above sound awesome!

    Well, this is my last week full-time, but baby has already dropped.  I'm getting sick of work but it also keeps me distracted.  I just can't bear to burn up too much more vacation time before LO arrives, but I am going to a little over half time next week until I deliver or my EDD, whichever is first.


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  • I'll be working until the bitter end--I really want to be able to stay home with LO for as long as possible, so I don't want to eat my time up at home by myself (sitting... waiting... staring at the calendar.) ;-)
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  • I think I would like my award with all of the above. :)
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  • Working helps to keep me distracted from all of the discomfort.  Having a desk job makes a huge difference! I can't imagine teaching (especially kids) and being 7-9 months pregnant, either.  It would just take too much energy for both of them.
  • I spent the last two weeks (i am 9 days from my due date) teaching with my feet up and "taking it easy" only to be put on bed rest for 1 week then they will induce if she is not here yet!.  I was dreading bed rest, since for me sleeping and resting is when the baby is most active!   I train horses and riders to jump and was 8 months at my last 18hr a day show, but I would not have had it any other way!  Thank goodness I feel better when I move!  Best of luck to you!
  • You'd be surprised what you do when you have to do it. I'm planning on working as long as I possibly can. The nice thing is it helps keep me otherwise occupied, and I work for someone who's been very understanding (he's a father of three) so when I need to take off for "baby stuff" it's okay.

    Since I got the gestational diabetes diagnosis, I will have to skip the chocolate award, but I do accept pedicures in large doses, or perhaps one of those yummy prenatal massages.... 

  • I would like my reward in the form of someone to do all the shiit I have to do before school starts next week.
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  • I wish I could accept the award but I work because I have to. If I take off before LO gets here unless I have a medically validated reason I have to either take the time unpaid, which I cannot afford, or use vacation time. And even if there is a medical reason, I only get paid 60%, so I still cant afford the time off. It really sucks. I will get to come back from maternity just in time for busy holiday season in a retail oriented call center, which means all the dumbasses who couldnt be bothered to call in for repairs at a reasonable time will all call in a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

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