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Spotting at week 6

Morning!  I am 6 weeks pregnant and on Sunday I started spotting.  It is brownish in color and after much reading I found out it is common and most of the time not a problem. 

Regardless of all the comforting reading I am still worried, I should be going to the doctor today and finding out the baby is fine.

Re: Spotting at week 6

  • I hope it's nothing. I would definitely mention it to the doctor.

    Good luck.

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  • Your right, it is common, but not normal, for sure mention it to your dr.  I bleed and spotted with both my pgy and everything was/is fine.  It is scary, I bleed at 8 weeks and still do the wipe check everytime I go to the bathroom and sometimes in between,  Hope all is well for you, T&P
  • I would call your doctor and just let them know.  I am sure that they are going to tell you that it is common but no bleeding is ever normal.  I have had that on and off again changing in color for about 2 weeks now.  I went to the doctor last week and everything looked normal but it was too early to see a HB.  It is an emotional rollercoaster but try to stay positive.  With our emitional runing wild, it is very hard.  Other then keeping an eye one it, there isn't much that can be done. Good Luck!!!!  Keep me posted!
  • I spotted brown my whole first tri and into my second.  It's probably nothing, but just relax and GL today!
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  • Me too. Exactly the same as you. Started spotting yesterday am, and its kinda been off and on through today as well.  I've had cramps the whole time, but the 2 together has given me cause for worry. (Add in no morning sickness and I really start to worry). Im heading to the ER after work... for piece of mind if nothing else.  Good luck, keep us posted.
  • Oh and PS - Im pregnant again after 11 years - so you have me beat, but I can seriously relate!
  • I had some pink spotting Sunday afternoon and some brown this morning. I just went for an u/s and they we didn't see a heartbeat but the doc said it could be too early not to worry.

     We BD on Sat. night and the doctor said that could've cause the spotting.

    The spotting has stopped and my cramping is better. The doc said she saw a cyst on my left ovary and that could be some of the pain I was having.

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  • I had some spotting at 6 weeks on the nose.  Went in and am working through 2 issues now.  First is that I am AB Negative (blood type) and was given a Rho Gam injection for me not to reject the blood type of my baby. Secondly, my progesterone level was low and am taking supplements for 10 weeks to thicken up my uterus to support the baby.  It seems like there are so many possibilities to cause spotting.  GL.
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