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Induction involves???

We have been dilated to 3cm and 80% effaced for a lil over a week now and are scheduled to go back in on Wednesday to see where we are at. We have had lots of false labor and this week it is getting stronger with a lot more cramping that is quite painful. Dr. wants to induce or augment labor on Thursday 08/12, our due date, if he is not here yet. What will that entail if we are already dilated and effaced on our own just slowed down? I have heard some scary stories about inductions but the back stories are that they have no labor progress on their own.

Re: Induction involves???

  • it sounds like your progress is pretty favorable for having an induction.  they would probably just start right in w/pitocin (i'm no dr. though).

    my induction wasn't a bad experience and i was even able to do it w/o pain meds like i had wanted.  

    i was 2 weeks late though and really wanted to go into labor on my own.  why does your dr. want to induce?  just because he thinks you want to get the show on the road because you've be uncomfortable?  seems like if baby is fine and your health is fine you could wait a little longer than your due date.   

  • The process would most likely be faster for you if you already have some progress, but you never know. I was induced the day before my dd (because of high bp) with DS #1 and my water broke on its own, I started contractions and within six hours I had DS. I had no progress prior to the induction. There are many successful inductions. If your doctor is concerned for you or your baby, I wouldn't be to concerned. Good luck!

  • *popping in from 3-6*

         I was induced the day before my EDD, and I was so scared. I actually had a really positive experience! As pp said, they'll probably start you on pitocin to jump start things. Just breathe, you'll get to see your LO soon! :)

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  • They may start with cervadil the night before to help you soften and dilate a little. Then they would do pitocin. Regardless they will use pitocin. Which some people say really sucks. However, if your already starting to show signs of labor and are already dilating then your chances of a smooth and easy induction are very high! GL! Hopefully I will be getting induced the same day or the day after! lol.
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  • I was 5cm 80% last time they checked. For me they only plan to break my water and see if I progress from there. No cervix softening at this stage bit if I don't progress I am guessing we might move to pitocin. I would just ask your dr what their plan for you is.
  • I went in for an induction on my due date due to complications and dilation and effacement not changing anyway. They hooked me up to Pitocin at 8ish in the morning on March 13, contractions, as expected, lasted a long while andd hurt A LOT (to this day they're the worst pain I've ever felt, delivery was a very clcose second), labor progressed just fine, and I was able to deliver DD vaginally with no problems at 12:50am March 14th after and hour and 35 mins of pushing.
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