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So, I'm starting my daughter at an small family daycare next month when I return to work.  We exclusively cloth diaper our kid (mix of pre-folds with covers and BG all-in-ones).  The daycare is great, and Hubs and I are very happy with our decision to go with this provider.  The only downfall is that she declines use of CDs.  I plan on CDing evenings and weekends, but we have to get disposables for weekdays with daycare.  

I'm looking into the "greenest" (yeah, right) disposable option that's also not outrageously expensive.  Anyone have experience with disposables out there that they can share?  Cost?  Absorbancy/leak experience?  Any input is appreciated...

Thanks, ladies! 

Re: Disposables at Daycare...

  • Many girls on the board like Seventh Generation. I haven't tried them, but they aren't too bad price wise. I have used Earth's Best and LOVED them! Never had rash issues. Absorbency was great. No weird chemical smell to them. Soft. Love them. You can usually find coupons for either a lot of the times too. I would try to find whatever is the cheapest and go with that even if you switch back and forth, because I don't  know about your day care but ours changes her ever 1.5-2 hours whether she is wet or not. So I hate to think of how much money I throw away and how many unused diapers are going into the landfill...  

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  • Have you shown her how easy it is to use the BG AIOs?  They are just as easy as disposables.  Many ppl still think of pins and rubber pants when they hear the words "cloth diapers" so maybe if you show her how easy it is, she will use CDs.  And, quite honestly, I'm surprised that a daycare in CA, esp. San Fran, refuses to use CDs.  Boo!  My daycare uses CDs, and the teachers love them -- there are no blow-outs in CDs, no rash issues (so they don't have to apply diaper cream as much) and no trash.  Two out of the five babies in my LO's class wear CDs.
  • She won't even do GDiapers?  That's a bummer, I'm sorry.

    Ditto PP about Earth's Best Organics.  We tried those as our last sposie attempt and they were better than any others we found.  BRU regularly has them on sale/coupons for them.

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  • we've used 7th generation and Earth's Best. I actually prefer the 7g, something about the fit and the tape...  there are coupons you can sign up for on their website, or Amazon or are good options if you buy in bulk. They run a bit smaller than the stated weight ranges though, so try before you order a big batch.

    That i know of, Tushies are the only brand in the US that don't use the nasty gel inside, but I've never tried them.


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  • Nature Babycare. Amazon has 30% off diapers until the end of the month when you do subscribe and save and Parent's magazine has a stackable 20% off on top of that. We got 124 size 3 diapers for $21 for our vacation.
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  • I've tried all of the "green" sposies and our fav is 7th gen.  I just ordered a box of each kind from amazon as we needed them and did a trial and error.  None were awful but 7th gen were the best all around.  Tushies doesnt have any gel (the only one that doesnt) but they unfortunately have the worst design.  Pieces of tape to close them and they don't fit closely.  Natures babycare had tab issues as well and they always opened.  Earths Best had so much gel in them they were stiff and I had to roll them before putting them on DD (maybe I got a bad batch).  I think that's it.  Again, none are awful but 7th gen is pretty good.  Like pp mentioned, amazon has 30% off till the end of the month and you can use the parents/parenting mag coupons on it too.  I stocked up this month for both babies as I plan to use sposies for the first few weeks after my c/s for sanity's sake :)
  • Much appreciated on all the tips, everyone!  Yes, I definitely plan on showing her the AIOs that we use...hopefully that could show our provider how easy they are.  But in the meantime, this is really helpful info, especially on the online sales.  


    Thanks :) 

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