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Baby bump and gender reveal party!!!

I couldn't tell before if I was just fat or if I was getting a bump. Well here is a picture at 16.4 weeks. There is deffinetly a bump! I'll find out the gender when I'm 20 weeks and my husband won't be able to make it because of work. So I'm going to have the tech write in a baby card what we're having. When my husband comes home we can open the card and find out together!!!

 We decided to have a gender reveal party to tell everyone close to us what we're having. Both of our families are huge Oklahoma State fans so that's the theme. We ask that our guests wear black (if they it is a boy) or orange (if they think it's a girl). We have a black and orange jersey that we'll pick up to let everyone know what it is!!!


Re: Baby bump and gender reveal party!!!

  • That's adorable.  Reveal parties don't work for everyone, but sounds like you have the kind of crowd that would be into it.

    Are you and your husband going to be wearing your guesses too?

  • We are also having a gender reveal party. Hopefully we will be able to know on our Sept 1st u/s, the party is planned for September 4th. Our families are so excited since they have never been to one before. I think it's a way to get both families together and share the news all at once.
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  • We are planning a gender reveal party so everyone can get together and find out at the same time.  It will be laid back, but we haven't thought of how to do the reveal.  I like the jersey ideas - we could do scarlet for a girl and grey (or black) for a boy.  Sounds like fun.  I may have to steal your idea! LOL!
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