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Anyone's 5 mo. old not roll from back to belly yet?

Maybe it's because she spent a month in the hospital, or maybe because she's a roly-poly, but DD can only get half way turned over and then kinda gets stuck. Anyone else's LO like this, or is she just behind a little?
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Re: Anyone's 5 mo. old not roll from back to belly yet?

  • My almost 5 month old has only done it twice.

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  • Well my LO won't roll from belly to back, only back to belly....she's confused lol
  • DD's only done it twice.  She's lazy!
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  • Nope.
    LO hasn't even rolled from belly to back more than once.. not really sure what the 'norm' for this is - but i've been trying to ''teach'' him how to roll while we're playing on the mat for tummy time. haha - each baby will be different tho!
  • DS just finally got all the way over last week...he kept getting stuck on his shoulder. but now that he has figured it out he does it all the time!! I wouldn't worry. GL
  • Mine hasnt yet either, but she was 10 weeks early, so she's a bit behind. She only started consistently going from belly to back about a week and a half ago (a week shy of 5 months), but I don't think back to belly has even occurred to her yet, lol! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought back to belly only starts around 5-6 months usually, so your LO just may take until 6 months to do it.

    I am actually hoping LO doesn't do back to belly for a little while longer, because once she starts doing it in her crib I will be a nervous wreck, lol!

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  • Our DD has been rolling for a while, but the getting stuck thing was what she did right before she started rolling all of the way.  When we lie on the floor about a foot away from her she will try even harder to roll.

    I bet your DD will start rolling all over any day now.

  • my LO is 4+ months old has only rolled twice, and isn't interested in rolling in general. i'm guessing its because he is 17+ lbs.

    standing, however, he LOVES> 

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  • My LO has never rolled from her back to her belly and turned 5 months this week.  She rolled from her belly to her back at 3 months like 10 times and has never done it since.  She already sits on her own, so I know she has the strength, but she is just not really interested in rolling over it seems.
  • My LO seems much more interested in crawling than rolling... he scoots on his belly by grabbing his blanket or mat and pulling himself along. Any thoughts trying to encourage him to roll? He was going from his belly to his back before we went away on vacation and now isn't doing that.


    FYI LO's 4 months old yesterday... 

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