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I think I have a Sophie Giraffe fake!!

I just don't know which one is the fake!! I bought DS a Sophie about 3 mos ago from our lactation store.  It came w/ a certificates of authenticity, Sophie story..blah blah blah.  No problem.

Then yesterday as I was walking ds I saw a Sophie Giraffe on the ground.  I picked it up and continued my walk to see if I run into the other walking mom.  Anyway, I'm noticing that this found Sophie looks a tad bit bigger than the one I have and her eyes are painted bigger.  Sure enough when I get home I look at our Sophie and the found one is bigger....barely but noticeable none the less. Not bigger in height but she's had steriods, lol.  There are few more dots on her, too.  I notice that the Sophie I bought has a dot of paint, the color of her spots, on the bottom of her front paw.  The found one doesn't have it.  Even my dh noticed that the found one was different just at first sight. So now we're wondering which one is the fake?? 

Supposedly there's only one factory in France making these things so I'd assume they'd be using the same exact format and there shouldn't be a size difference, right?

Which one does your's sound more like, mine or the found one?  Do you have a dot on the foot bottom?

Re: I think I have a Sophie Giraffe fake!!

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