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ng on my back is the only comfortable position!

So I've had this back pain in my middle back which during some part of the day switches to under my front right rib cage. The only comfortable position especially at night is on my back, and then eventually I can roll over on to my side. How bad is it to sleep on your back??

Re: ng on my back is the only comfortable position!

  • I actually asked my dr about back sleeping yesterday. She said as long as you are comfortable than its completly fine. That made me soooo happy because my hips are starting to hurt from sleeping on my sides.
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  • personally made me nauceous but if your comfortable and can sleep then go for it! maybe if your not too far along pick up one of those wedges at babies r us that take the pressure off your hips when you do actually sleep! Good Luck!
  • I gave up worrying about sleeping on my back (or not sleeping on my back) months ago simply because it was keeping me from getting sleep. So when I find I roll onto my back I don't fret. i eventually turn to my side and my LO hasn't suffered a bit from it. I have had a bunch of testing and U/S's done due to high BP's and know my LO is growing great!  My hips start to hurt very quickly on my sides so I have to use my back or else no sleep for me and in turn no good for LO.
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  • I'm still sleeping on my back a lot also without any complications.
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  • My dr said sleeping on your back is fine as long as you don't feel light headed or sick.  That is a sign your baby isn't getting enough blood flow. I am to the point where I can only sleep on my sides for a while too. 
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