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Advice Needed: 1st day with nanny

I return to work next week. Not ready! But I will spend Monday with the nanny and DD. What should I cover with her? I plan to go over her daily routine, naps, feeding, activities but what specifically should I cover? TIA
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Re: Advice Needed: 1st day with nanny

  • Your expectations on how she'll spend her time w/ your LO.

    Here's one for me - whenever I go to the park, I feel like I always see the nannies sitting around either talking w/ each otehr or talking on a cell phone.  Letting the kids run around w/o really paying that much attention.

    Now, granted, once your child is old enough to run around, the nanny doesn't necessairly need to be w/ the child the entire time, but just the other day, a nanny came w/ a girl too young to walk.  Swung her in the swings and the ENTIRE time was on her phone.  I was looking at the girl and smiling at her and waving to her and she was sweet as could be- but the nanny was paying hardly any attention other than to push her.

    This REALLY bothered me.  My expectation w/ my nanny is that while she is w/ DS, her attention is on him.  Not on her phone or other people.

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  • You might consider writing down the schedule, your expectations, the nanny's job responsibilities, etc.  Include emergency contact information.  If you only plan to spend one day with the two of them, that's a lot of information for your nanny to remember especially if she's not familiar with your home, your rules and your schedule.  Make the boundaries clear--I didn't and I've struggled for a year with how to set boundaries that I should have had in place in the beginning.  Is she allowed to eat your food or should she bring her own?  Is DD her sole responsibility or do you want her to do other chores (DD's laundry, etc)?  Will she be responsible for pets or errands?  Would you like her to check in with you during the day?  I also recommend setting up a journal or book for her to write down the day's events.  I have a my nanny keep a schedule of what they do during the day, what she eats, how long she naps.  This helps me feel more involved in DD's daily activities and provides me more information than I would typically get by just having a conversation.  It's normal to feel a little jealous, but remember, you're Mom and you can never be replaced.  Hope this helps and good luck.
  • I loved my nanny but in hindsight I wish I would have discussed the cell phone up front with her. It was more like she'd get text messages. But, she was great when DS napped because she didn't sit down. She did household chores and laundry, etc. so when she started I showed her where everything was in terms of laundry soap, how to work the machines, etc. but also how to use the stereo to play music.

    Good idea on writing everything down and coming up with some rules. I wrote a sample schedule and I also asked nanny to write down everything during the day. It helped me understand nap times and when DS had last eaten when I got home at the end of the day.

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