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Etiquette for registering two places?

Hi everybody!  I have a question about what's appropriate for people who register at two different stores.  I registered at BRU, because that's my area's main baby store.  But lots of my family lives where there isn't one local.  So I registered at Target for those people.  For those of you who have done this, did you have a "main" registry with the big, expensive things, and a "little" registry for less expensive items, or did you basically register for the same stuff both places, and risk getting two strollers, or whatever?  I just don't know quite how to handle this!

Re: Etiquette for registering two places?

  • I registered at Target and Wal-mart and my two where almost the exact same. I did not put the "big" things on my registry as my family bought them for me early on.

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  • I registered at BRU and BBB, but the BRU registry has more items. Both registries have basically the same things, but different brands that may have been available at one store and not the other. For most of the stuff (such as sleepers) it won't make a difference if they were purchased from both since you can never have too many.

    For other items (such as the tub and baby monitor) I may have to registry stalk and delete from the other registry once it's purchased since I won't need two, or just return later.

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  • I don't think there is any. It's perfectly acceptable to register at 2 places, IMO!
  • I registered at BBB and Walmart and I mixed it up. I had a few big things at Walmart and a few at BBB. I didn't have any double items though. BRU is notorious for giving you issues with returns (I tried to exchange an outfit I got from a relative, but since I didn't have a receipt they refused to even exchange it!). So i wouldn't risk it by putting duplicate items on both registries. Go with which ever has the item in the color/style you like better or has a cheaper price.

    BBB and Walmart were great a accepting returns btw.

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    I registered at two places. My "main" registry was at the store that had most of the items I wanted at the best prices. But, like you, lots of my family lives where there isn't one nearby so I registered at a second place.

    When both stores had an item I wanted, I price shopped and registered for the item at the place with lower costs. I also registered for some items at both stores (one package of bottles at each store, for example) to make sure both registries had a good selection of items at different price points. But, I didn't register for anything I won't need (like two strollers).

    I ended up registering for more expensive items at both stores and less expensive items at both stores, so people will have a good variety of choices either place they go.

  • I registered two places.  I pulled both their sites up online and compared quality ratings, brand names (brands I trust) and prices.  Then I picked the best one, regardless of the store.  I didn't repeat any items because trying to keep on top of that is exhausting!  So like our crib and pack and play are at Target and our travel system and high chair are at WalMart.  It seems to be working well for us.

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  • My BBB registry has about twice as many items as the BRU one does.  There are a few of the larger items that are on both, but I keep a very close eye on the registries and as soon as one shows up as being purchased I delete it off of the other registry.
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  • I have registries at BRU and Target as well and they look VERY similar. Many of the same items on both, but I did it for ease. Our BRU is way north from where most of my guests live, so Target is easier to get to. I'll just keep an eye on them after the invites go out and if one item is purchased, I'll delete it off the other registry. I did this last summer for my bridal registries and it worked great.
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  • I'm also registered at Target & BRU (but we only have a Target by us, BRU is about 45 min away) - I had registered for basically the same things at both places.  Obviously some things were available at one store and not the other.  I just kept an eye on each of them & deleted on one registry as they were purchased off another one. Just keep an eye on them & modify as needed (I noticed everyone was purchasing from Target, so I took some things off BRU & put on Target).
  • I registered at BRU and Target as well. I basically put most of the same things on both. If I notice something has been bought off of 1 registry I'll take it off the other completely. But most of the expensive stuff is on BRU. Just little necessities are on the Target one basically.
  • I registered at BRU and Target. BRU had all of the big stuff on it just because I liked their larger items better (they had more selection). I just did smaller things on the Target registry (bath tub, bumbo, boppy, bottles, etc) because I found they were cheaper at Target. I did not duplicate much since I didnt want to do a ton of returning. Worked great for me!
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  • One...two...three....ten registries = word of mouth.
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