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Do it yourself induction...

Just curious. We have all heard different stories. What did you actually try that worked for you? True or false...sex? spicy food? raspberry leaf tea? nipple stimulation? intense walking?

Re: Do it yourself induction...

  • Just FYI, red raspberry leaf tea does not induce labor.
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  • sex - started contractions for me

    spicy- nothing for me

    RRLT- DOES NOT induce your labor.. it is sup. to tone your uterus

    Nipple stimulation- well nothing for me lol

    Walking- just got me crampy.. but they say the swaying motion helps baby position correctly.

    Note: not all is the same for everyone. I believe when your body is ready things will happen. even though we would all like to think otherwise.


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  • So Far:

    Walking - nothing

    Sex - nothing (both before and after walking)

    Spicy food - nothing

    Nipple stimulation - nothing.

    However, we are going to keep trying until something works. At least it is fun to try. 

  • sex- negative

    walking- same

    spicy food- absolutely nothing

    Tea- nothing again


    unfortunately none of the wives tales worked for me :( eviction date next week

  • I don't think any of it actually works. If you're doing any of the above and something happens, it was all timing. No matter what you do these kids are not budging until they're ready lol.






  • image shakes:
    I don't think any of it actually works. If you're doing any of the above and something happens, it was all timing. No matter what you do these kids are not budging until they're ready lol.
    Haha I totally agree with you. I have said those exact words to many people.
  • I'd stay away from nipple stimulation, especially if you are planning on or would like to attempt BFing.  In order for this to actually start any contractions you must do it for a very very long time, and thats only going to make your nipples more uncomfortable when baby attempts to latch on.

    Generally though, these babies know how much time they need to cook up just right.  Try to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy, and soak up the you time & pampering people want to give you, cause that's all going to change so drastically in a very short while.  As a side note, I've noticed the best pedicures I get are on days when I really play up the huffing and puffing when I'm in the salon.  Best leg massages EVER!

  • So far, I've only tried sex and walking. Sex kinda gets the contractions going. Walking just makes me hot & tired.

    I decided to avoid the spicy food route because my BM's are painful enough without intentionally adding to it. The nipple stimulation just sounded...odd...and as mentioned in PP, could be painful later with BFing.

    My next attempt is going to be cleaning. I don't mean tidying up the house, I mean cleaning on hands and knees if I have to.

    All that being said, I'm just trying to help things along now. I was shooting for 8/9/10 and that didn't happen, so now it's just whenever he gets here.

    I'm ready to climb the walls, too, buddy.

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  • Well with my first son, lots of walking and sex did it.  My husband and I took a walk together one evening then had sex.  Immediately afterward I went into labor.  With my second son, I had just finished nursing my older son when I went into labor.   So for me it's walking, sex, and nipple stimulation.  I never tried anything else though. 
  • My mom was dong the hands-and-knees cleaning thing when I decided to come out. Good luck!
  • My aunt is a massage therapist and she swears that a nice long foot massage will induce labor!!

  • I agree that baby's gotta be ready for anything to help.

    BUT, sex worked for me! We did it at 8:30 pm and I was holding my little girl by 3:20 am.

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