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What to expect in the upcoming appointments?

Hello Ladies!

 This is my first pregnancy, and I am currently 27wks along. My next appointment is at 30wks, and then every appointment there after are 2wks apart, what should I expect to happen during the upcoming appointments? When does "measuring" start happening, and how exactly do they got about it to see how dilated you are? Sorry for the silly questions, but my nerves are getting the best of me. Thanks for your help! <3

Re: What to expect in the upcoming appointments?

  • by measuring do you mean your stomach? ive had my measurments at every appt. and as for dilation.. you wont get that anytime soon.

    appts are pretty standard, blood pressure, measurments, heartbeat...etc.
    you should have some tests done, if you havent already you'll most likely do the blood glucose test next appt. sometime in your 30 weeks you'll get a GBS swab..pretty normal things.
  • The appts. are pretty much the same from here on.  You should already be having your stomach measured, urine tested, weight check, and blood pressure taken. As for the internals...every practice is different.  My office doesn't do them until 40 weeks unless there is a reason, as they don't give any real answers.  You can be 2 cm dilated for weeks...
  • thank you for posting this..im a first timer also :)
  • Actually I didn't start having my stomach measured until about 30 weeks.  When I started my 2 week appointments they wo.uld measure my stomach.  Sometimes they would comment and other times they wouldn't so speak up if you want to know something.

    At every appointment:

    1.  pee in a cup

    2.  blood pressure check

    3. weight check

    4. asked if I feel the baby moving

    5.  heart beat check

    6.  asked if I have any questions, which normally I didn't.

    I can't remember when I had my glucose test, but you will have one of those to test for gestational diabetes.  It isn't a big deal.  You drink this stuff, wait an hour and take a blood test.

    At 36 weeks I had a strep B swab and that is when I got my first internal.  

  • Thank you ladies! Yes I have had my glucose test done, had it done at 26 wks, and passed, thank goodness! I was mainly curious to know what changes to expect in the next few appointments as far as other tests, or checking for dilation, etc. Those are the things making me nervous. ^_^ Well thank you all for the replies! It is much appreciated!!!
  • Nothing really changes until 36-37 weeks when they'll do the GBS swab and start internals.  Otherwise, it's the same old song and dance.  Nothing special about going to appointments every 2 weeks.

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