1st Trimester

Cravings = Boy or Girl?

I never put much stock in old wives tales, but I'm starting to wonder.

With DD, I craved doughnuts (specifically Dunkin Donuts Marble Frosted, which is sounding pretty awesome right about now) and all kinds of sweets.

With DS, I loved spicy, which I had never been too fond of before.

I'm craving sweets all over again. Wondering if it's a girl now.

Have any of you 2+ mommies seen any correlation?

Re: Cravings = Boy or Girl?

  • I obviously don't know what I am having yet but I am having the same cravings as I did with DD.  Mac and cheese, fresh fruit, and lots of hot sauce!  It will be interesting to see if it is another girl or if I just crave the same things despite the sex. 
  • my cravings have been fresh fruit of all kinds both with my daughter and this pregnancy.  With this pregnancy I am not as sick as I was with my daughter though and there are a few other different things so I guess we will all see.
  • i'll be a first time mom, so i can't help with the experience part. but i hope that's true! i'm kinda wishing for a girl, although it being my first i'll be fine with either one. i've definitely been craving sweets big time, and fruit. i've always been a fruit person, but never really cared for sweets. the month before i got my bfp i was so confused as to why i started to feel like i needed dessert after every meal lol
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  • Lurking...but I crave ANYTHING sweet....chocolate, icecream, cookies, etc...and there is definitely a little boy inside of my belly!
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  • With DD I also craved sweets. With my DS, it was anything with SALT. I would put salt on everything. Especially tomatoes and cucumbers.

    With this one, I am starting to the salt all over again!! I can't get enough of it! Bad, I know, but It is soo good!!!!

    I would love to have another boy but I am pretty sure this is another girl, so lets see if the OWT holds true :)




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  • With DS I couldn't get enough meat, I'd crave burgers and shrimp and would even go as far as walking a half an our to A&W to get a teen burger every week.

    This time I don't even want to see meat, can't stand the smell of it especially seafood!!  I only have a boy so I guess well see Smile

  • haha I have been craving fruit, guacamole and beef. This is our first pregnancy so I know I didn't help, but I like reading what different women are going through
  • I craved the same things both times ... I have a DS and a DD.
    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • I'm not a mom yet, but one day I want sweets, the next I want carbs (bagels, mac'n'cheese, etc), and the next I want spicy foods.


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