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I just found out that I'm 4 weeks pregnant..so VERY early. I'm cramping really bad though. Is this normal?

Re: cramping

  • When you say really bad, do you mean like AF type cramps or worse?

    AF type cramps are normal, worse than that I would call the doctor to see what they think. They wouldn't see anything on an ultrasound at this point since its so early, you might have to wait it out a couple weeks until your doctor would see something on a U/S.

    Did you get bloodwork to confirm pregnancy or just take HPTs?

  • I think it all depends on the intensity of the cramps.  I've had really strong cramps on and off since finding out about a week ago...but so far I think everything is okay.  Good luck!
  • I've had some cramps the past few weeks, too. I get HORRIBLE cramps before AF, and these cramps don't feel like that at all. These "different" cramps were actually one of the first clues that I was PG. 

    Are your cramps pretty constant, or do they come and go? Are they so bad that you feel like you need to lie down, or are they manageable?

    Mild cramps are pretty normal in early PG, since your uterus is growing and stretching. My cramps have come and gone... sometimes they are like a sharp pain that lasts for a couple minutes, then goes away. Other times, it's more like a dull ache, but the feeling still doesn't last too long.

     If you're worried, you can always call your DR! 

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  • I'm 4 weeks as well. My cramps are very dull (nothing like AF which are really bad). But, they last for very long periods...pretty much all day and sometimes into the night while I'm trying to sleep.
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  • I too am 4 weeks with cramping that comes and goes along with brown discharge. The dr told me that it is VERY normal!
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