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what is your 8 mth old eating?

i feel like this is a stupid question but i'm not sure when to they can have solid foods cut into small pieces? my DD had never been a fan of baby food but i was hoping that solid foods she could pick up would interest her more. i just don't know when i can give her this type of food without the risk of choking. thanks.

Re: what is your 8 mth old eating?

  • I've given DD very small pieces of chicken before, and mashed potatoes, she loves those!
  • He eats pretty much anything, but I don't give him anything really hard.  I just make sure the pieces are small enough.  He's getting really good now at picking up food and feeding himself!

    Some examples of what he eats: cheese, peaches and pears from fruit cups, banana, vegetable soup, cereal bars, pastas, bread, green beans, peas, chicken, ham, beef, etc.


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