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We have a healthy baby BOY!

Hey everyone,

I know we get a million of these "Team Blue" or "Team Pink" announcements every day, but I figured I'd pop in and let y'all know we got through our 20 week u/s today and everything's good.

We opted out of the early screenings and NT scan, so I was a wee bit nervous the u/s might turn up something scary, but all the organs and everything were looking good and the baby's measuring in about the 39th percentile, which the doctor said was good.

It's a big relief hearing everything's going well, and our baby boy finally has a name and a real pronoun, instead of "it." Yay!

Ours is the first grandbaby on my side of the family, but he's the seventh on my husaband's side and they're all BOYS! MIL was hoping for a girl, but she took the news really well and I'm kind of excited my little one with have all his boy cousins to play with on summer vacation.

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Re: We have a healthy baby BOY!

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