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When did you feel movement for the first time?

I'm only 12 weeks but cannot wait to feel the baby move! It's sometimes hard to believe there is a baby in there even though I've heard the heartbeat a couple times. When is the soonest you are able to feel something? I hear it depends on how thin you are and how intuned you are with your body. Thanks:)

Re: When did you feel movement for the first time?

  • With DS I think I was about 15-16 wks...but that was after a powdered donut! lol
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  • With DS it was somewhere between 18-20weeks. I wasn't really sure at first if it was really the baby, or just gas. I'm a pretty small person, but I still found it hard at first to distinguish. Although, once you know it is the baby, it is the best feeling in the world.
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  • I'm pretty sure I was 18-19 weeks with DS when I felt him move for the first time.  

    I can't WAIT for that feeling again  :) 

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  • It started between 12-13 weeks with DS and I'm not super thin.  By 17 weeks I was getting full on kicks.

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  • I felt DD move at 17 weeks and my DH felt her kick at 18 weeks!!! I think that is on the early side and I'm hoping I feel this baby even sooner :)
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  • 18w5d with Mr. Tooter Man.
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  • I was just shy of 16 weeks I think with ds. It was like holding a butterfly in your hand and having it move its wings. so cool!!!!

    I cant wait for that either! I hear you can feel it sooner with your 2nd baby, so I'm laying very still at night hoping to feel something, though I think its still a bit early!  haha!


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  • K wasn't until after 20 weeks, I had an anterior placenta.  I felt Max for real at 15w5d, but had been feeling those little could that be the baby flutters for about 10 days before that.
  • I felt LO at 15w3d but it actually made me more paranoid because it was so incosistent that when I didn't feel her again for days at a time I was so worried!
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  • At about 16-17 weeks. It felt like flutters or popping bubbles.

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  • Really late.  23-24 weeks.  I had an anterior placenta.  My son was a really active newborn, but I never felt a lot of kicks when I was pregnant.  I did feel the big stretches when his foot would push against my ribs Smile

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  • I first felt DS when I knew FOR SURE that it was the baby at 19 weeks.  Up until then, I had the little bubble feelings where I *thought* that might be it but I wasn't positive starting at 17 weeks.
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  • I had one anterior placenta and one posterior placenta, so I diddn't truly feel like there was someone in there until about 17 weeks.  I didn't get far enough to feel solid kicks yet.
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  • With my DD I felt movement around 18 weeks.  I felt little flutters. 
  • I was just thinking about posting this! I am almost 11wks and have been wondering if it is way early to think I am feeling something. I feel like I am really in tune with my body like I have been feeling blood flowing around there. I don't know though. And I don't want to seem stupid to think I'm feeling something. Oh well. Just going to keep hoping everything is going well in there.
  • I felt the baby move at 16 weeks. I was laying on my back and I felt an arm sweep across my abdomen. I couldn't believe it! There was no way to mistake that for gas. I talked to the baby asking if it wanted me to move to my side and it punched me. I guess that was a YES! LOL! The baby's been moving ever since...
  • I first felt Liam move between weeks 15 and 16. It was like a little flutter one day and then a few days later he gave me a solid kick. It was amazing and I spent the rest of the evening holding and rubbing my belly.
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  • I swear I felt movement a few days ago, and I am about 14 weeks. It just felt like a fluttering where my uterus is, and I think it was the baby. It still is too small to feel anything major, but it was very cool.
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  • I unfortunetly have an anterior plancenta. So, I didn't feel any movement at all until after 24 weeks, and I still wasn't sure if it was the baby I was feeling. Now that I am almost 29 weeks, I feel her all the time and LOVE it!!! :)

    I am pretty sure you will start to feel movement between 16 & 20 weeks.

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  • I was around 15 weeks when I started feeling the "tickles"... real kicks started around week 24.

    I have an anterior placenta too, so that might be a factor... however my midwife was surprised I was even able to feel the tickles/flutters that early with my placenta being infront.

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  • It really varies from person to person, I didn't feel him until about 17-18 weeks.
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  • I never had flutters, it was more like popping kicks starting at 16 weeks. He hasn't really stopped moving since then lol.
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  • I remember it was closer to 20 weeks.. maybe 17-18. right about the time we found out who we are having! :)))

    it is so exciting. 

  • This is my first pregnancy. I don't consider myself thin.  I'm 5"5" and weighed 120lbs before pregnancy.  I felt my first flutter during my 14th week.  The flutter was like nothing I've ever felt before, and it was so strange to me.  It was right above the private area, deep inside my lower belly.  And I didn't feel anything after that until about 17 weeks.

    I've been feeling strong movements starting 18 weeks, multiple times a day, especially when I'm lying down.  It's an amazing feeling!

  • This is such an interesting topic, I am pregnant with our first and was wondering as well (I figured I had a ways to go! ;) ) Good luck to all the other pregnant ladies!! :)
  • I first felt DD move at 16 weeks and 5 days. I thought that it was just gas, I apologize to her every day for thinking her little "I Love You" note to mommy was gas! LOL!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You'll be able to feel your LO move in the next 3-4 weeks or so. Smile

  • 16 weeks - little flutters

    18 weeks - real movements but no kicks.


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