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WTF daycare?

I was looking through DS' daily journal last night and saw that the daycare gave him 5 oz of juice in a bottle for his afternoon feeding instead of formula. So he only drank 4 oz of breastmilk in the late morning and then had a juice bottle in the afternoon.

I was so pissed! Who does that? I didn't even bring in juice for him to have, so it must have been another kid's juice. I have never told them it's ok to give juice in a bottle unless he's constipated (which he's not). 

Is it just me or this is completely infuriating? Sure, fill my kid up on junk instead of formula which he needs for his growth and development. I wrote a note in the journal and I'm going to talk to them tonight when I pick up.

Does anyone else have to deal with stupid things like this from their daycare?

Re: WTF daycare?

  • I would  be furious as well, and talking to the teachers.
  • you have every right to be angry!
  • I think I would be upset but hope that they have a good explanation for it.  And I woud DEFINATELY stress that you don't want it happening again! 

     We don't use daycare since I am a SAHM but I deal with things like this sometimes when I leave my LO with my MIL!

  • Yeah that is weird. Is it possible someone documented on the wrong kid's page. With managing all the kids & eating/changes, I could totally see that happening easily.  I'd maybe ask if that happened before getting too angry with them just to see. 
  • That would really upset me too!  We've never given DS juice, and don't plan to for quite some time, so I'd be pissed if someone just decided it was ok and went ahead without asking me first.
  • I totally have some greivances about my daycare. 

    They would microwave my DD's bottles eventhough I asked them to use the bottle warmer I gave them.

    I pack a bib in her bag to use when they feed her, but instead they don't and she ends up ruining her outfit.  I can tell they aren't using the bib based on where the food stain is.

    When she has an accident and poops up her back, they never rinse out her clothes, instead they just put it in a bag and tie it up and put it in her bag, so I have a nice surprise to open up. 

    Sorry this was long.  I know that these things are pretty minor and my DD seems happy where she is at, so I choose not to rock the boat on these issues.

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