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Early bedtime?

For all of you whose child is getting to bed at7h-8h, did you have a method to start it, or did you just put him/her to bed at that time and they woke up later?

Re: Early bedtime?

  • For us, we just had DD take naps around 7 pm when she was <3 months old, and eventually she stopped waking up 2 hours later. She began sleeping through.
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  • DS goes to bed at 6:00 and he did it all on his own. It started at 7pm and he would wake at 11pm, 2am, 4am and 6am up for the day.  Then he cut out the 11pm feeding. then he cut out the 4 am feeding.

    The one day he decided 6:00 was bedtime. So now he sleeps 6pm-7am with one feeding around 2 am.

    Regardless of what time he decided to go to bed we did the same routine. When he starts giving sleepy signals we go upstairs and do bathtime, sing a song, read a book, nurse and then he goes down. The whole process takes about 45 minutes.

  • Putting E to bed around 8-8:15pm started early and was an product of me having some PPD and just needing to have some awake time w/o him (prior to that, his bedtime was 10-11pm b/c that's when I would go to sleep).  Like the PPs, he would wake up 3, 2, and now no times between 8:15pm - 7:30 or 8am, gradually.  He has a bedtime routine of just closing the blinds, reading a book, bottle, and crib, while awake but very drowsy.  I really like his bedtime b/c I have time to do my own things or have adult convos with DH.
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  • After reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child I decided to put my LO down earlier in the evening. We started at 7:30, when we saw sleepy cues we would do our bedtime routine and he'd be down by 8, sleep until about 4, take a bottle and wake for the day around 8.

    He has since then moved his bedtime earlier, he starts showing sleepy cues around 6. I was kinda sad to start getting him ready for bed this early because it seems like less time with him, but he was showing he was so tired. So we do his routine and he now sleeps from 7-6, eats and is up for the day by about 7:30-8:00. He has turned into a great napper since we have started this as well Smile

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