1st Trimester

Did you KNOW?

Did you know?  People say they just "knew" they were pregnant before it was confirmed.

 Did you?

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Re: Did you KNOW?

  • Heck no - I had no idea.  I had to rub my eyes to believe the second line was there.  We were planning to try in Oct. and anticipated fertility issues so it was a pleasant surprise!
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    Nope. Okay, yes.
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  • No.  Felt like AF was on the way.  Was actually convinced she was.
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  • With Aidan I had no clue. I told MH that we were out that cycle. With this one, yes I did. I felt the same way I did earlier on with Aidan when I was about 10dpo. I kept testing negative though until 15dpo.
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  • No.

    I was charting and knew we had great timing and that I actually ovulated but I still thought that the cycle was a bust. 


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  • No, not at all.  I wasn't even going to test but figured I would since it was Father's day.  I got my BFP at like 9 or 10 dpo though so I don't think there's much to know at that point.
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  • tmm140tmm140
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    I thought it was a joke--but then I snapped back with reality and realized it's not like that is a joke pregnancy test.  I especially didn't know since DH had def. not been that active in the bedroom that month.

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  • Nope. I figured I had just blown $2,000 on meds and procedures at the doctor's office when I could have gone on a kick ass vacation instead.



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  • are you kidding?  We TTC'd forever last time - even took 5 IUI's with injectible drugs before it worked.

    I never in a million years would have thought I was pg without trying.

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  • Nope, I knew for sure that I was getting AF. I have fertility problems and we had only tried for 4 months, so I tested as a joke. I was so happy and shocked that I didn't believe the BFP, I burst into tears too!
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  • I definitly suspected.  When I tested I expected a positive.  This is mainly due to the fact that I had a major indigestion attack about 2 nights before I should have gotten my period.  I have never had indigestion like that which is what made me suspect. 
  • No. I thought AF was coming for sure.
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  • Strangely, I think I did know. A couple days after I found out we had good timing I was super turned on by DH thinking that we had made a baby together. 
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  • Definitely not. I was actually sure I was NOT pregnant. I POAS on a whim when I noticed a ridiculous amount of CM (I know, not a symptom, but different for me in the 2ww). I was absolutely floored when a faint line came up on the IC test. I was frantic running around my house trying to get myself together to go to Walgreens and buy FRERs and Digis lol!

    ETA: Out of all 10 cycles, this cycle we had the worst timing of any cycle, and my spotting started at only 4 or 5dpo. (The spotting has since gone away.)

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Kind of, but it was impossible to unravel those feelings from the hope that we were pregnant and the pessimism that it couldn't be. Actually, about a week before my BFP, I was trying out hypnosis and at one point deep into it, the counselor told me to envision myself in the place she had been describing, and the image I saw was myself very pregnant. I just couldn't envision myself any other way. It definitely could have been just wishful thinking, but it was a really beautiful thing to see that day.

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  • Yep, I totally knew.  I took 3 tests that were negative over the course of a week before the 4th came back positive. 

    My skin seems to break out IMMEDIATELY once that egg is fertilized.  That's how I knew.  Same thing all 3 times.

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  • Nope! I swore I was out this month after a big temp drop. I had no idea at all with DS either and didn't actually find out until I was about 6 weeks along.
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  • No, I did not know.  I had been so disappointed for so many cycles in the past, with phantom symptoms in almost every one, so I didn't want to get my hopes up again.  Especially when it was the last medicated cycle before we were going to go on a medication break.  I was getting ready to try not to cry again when the faint 2nd line started to come out.  Thank God!
  • I didn't "know", but a co-worker did.  She said I was pregnant within a week of when I probably ovulated.  I waited until day 24 of my cycle and got a clear as day line.  She always "knows" when someone is pregnant. 
  • I knew with my first pregnancy.  This time, I was shocked to see the line appear.  

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  • image NavyGMWife:
    No.  Felt like AF was on the way.  Was actually convinced she was.

    Me too



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  • I actually did! I always thought I'd be one of those women who didn't know until a good ways in, so I got iPeriod on my iphone and went to town tracking. The hubby and I took a "if it happens, it happens" approach to it and avoided what iPeriod said were my "fertile" days. Well, I spotted about a week before my period and thought maybe it was coming early. A few days later I told myself I was silly because not only had I not gotten my period but I was extremely regular for 4 months beforehand. Then, 3 days before my period I had light fluttery cramps and I waited for my normal "spotting" to begin. The next day I texted my sister and bestfriend to tell them that I was certain I was pregnant. The light fluttery cramps had continued and I'd never felt them before! My cramps were always hard and terrible. I test the next day (Father's Day) late at night and BFP!


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  • My rational mind said no way because my period had been jacked up the month before.  I did comment to DH the day before I tested "I'm either sick or pregnant."  I didn't actually think I was pregnant though.
  • I knew when I was three days late and puked each morning.
  • I did. This was the first month EVER that DH weren't consistently using BC. I had been off the pill for a year, and we'd been using condoms. But we knew we were going to start TTC soon so I guess we just got kind of lazy about birth control... I actually was charting and I thought we were avoiding the most fertile time, but obviously not...

    I think pretty much right after conception I had breast soreness and weird twinges in my abdomen. I always get sore boobs before AF but it felt different... more sore than usually. The twinges felt like cramps but they would come and go. The first few days I had those symptoms I thought AF was on its way, but after awhile when it didn't show, I had my suspicions. 

     I didn't test until 17 dpo but yeah, I totally knew it would be positive. 

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  • yes.  with dd i was on the pill (yay statistics!) and once i started the placebo pills and didn't get AF, i knew.  with this one we were charting to avoid and i'm extremely regular and a fertile myrtle.  i knew, but waiting a week after AF was supposed to show before i tested.  


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  • image Beccaboo0713:


    I was charting and knew we had great timing and that I actually ovulated but I still thought that the cycle was a bust. 

    This. I thought we were out because i didn't 'feel' anything!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for my BFP Buddy STL34!!! CafeMom Tickers
  • With the first 3 (DD and m/c's), but I did with the last 3.  I've also successfully predicted the gender each time.  My reputation is on the line to predict this one too.  Wink
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  • ccmmkkccmmkk
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    I didn't know.

    Took 3 years with our son, so I wasn't expecting to get pregnant very easily. I was wrong, and am so glad I was!


  • not this time.  with my DS i did, but maybe i just didn't give myself enough time with this one.  i wanted to test before my DH left the country and i got a BFP, but very early.  it's been a few days and now i'm feeling very exhausted and HUNGRY!
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