1st Trimester

Not MUD just need support through hard times

So I havent been around much because of what has been going on.

I moved  down here in FL to be with my now ex fiance I am driving back up to OH tomorrow to be with my family. I found out from his ex gf who he was dating the same time as me he was cheating on me with her and one other girl that we know of.

He was also talking to 11 other women telling them all that he loved them wanted to marry them have a family ect. He lied the whole time even when I showed him proof he denied it all to me and is still lying about alot. Needless to say this has just been a crazy time especially with me being pregnant and finding this out shortly after.

I am terrified to be be a single mother of 2 and all this stress is getting to me and even to my daughter she has been acting out alot.

 I just feel like I have no one right now I guess thats why Im sharing my story on here to get it all off my chest.....



Re: Not MUD just need support through hard times

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