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i cant stop the itch!!!

Im 22 weeks and for the last two weeks all i do is itch every where!! nothing is working i switched all my products and nothing has worked! I started using creams to help relief me but nothing works! i cant sleep or sit still with out itching myself! and its my whole body! i now  have a rash from it! anyone else have this problem or can offer me any advice??? thanks


Re: i cant stop the itch!!!

  • Perhaps it is your laundry detergent or softener? I had an issue similar to this a few years back and ever since I started using a fragrance-free one, it has not happened.
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  • I have the same problem and now I have a rash all over my hands and arms!  I haven't figured out how to help the situation. 
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  • I can't offer advice. And luckily my itching has been just along my jawline (I know, so random). Maybe ask your doctor if there are any special creams s/he recommends. I've heard it's common, though. Hope you feel better!
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    Perhaps it is your laundry detergent or softener? I had an issue similar to this a few years back and ever since I started using a fragrance-free one, it has not happened.

    This, and also try using an unscented soap and lotions.

  • I'm 23 weeks and have been itchy too! but I've been using Mama Mio products like the Tummy Stretch Mark Rub and it seems to help relieve the itching for me. Goodluck!
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    image OctoberBabyH:
    Perhaps it is your laundry detergent or softener? I had an issue similar to this a few years back and ever since I started using a fragrance-free one, it has not happened.

    This, and also try using an unscented soap and lotions.

    Exactly. I should have mentioned I use a fragrance free body wash as well and an all natural deodorant. For hair, it's all natural/organic products. I seem to have had a reaction to so many things that this is what seems to work for me. 

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  • It might be something that you are using. When you are pregnant tour body will react to things differntly. It can also cause certain skin conditions to flare up. Id call your doctor so that you can do what is necessary to feel better! GL
  • i have tried everything and nothing its working! im not sure what to do anymore! im trying to get ahold of my doctor, some of the things i have read online are freaking me out a little bit!
  • PUPPS maybe? Or does that normally occur later on?
  • If you haven't already, stop using dryer sheets and perfume. Then try this:

    Eucerin Calming Body Wash (gold bottle) - it doesn't smell nice but it works
    Eucerin Calming Cream or Lotion - whichever one you prefer; personally I like the cream

    If you still have itchy spots get some Sarna, which alleviates the itch but also has a drying effect so you want to use it sparingly.

    Good luck!

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    PUPPS maybe? Or does that normally occur later on?


    I had this and it was HORRIBLE!!! Mine didn't show up until super close to the end though.  It started where stretch marks were and then spread.  Talk to your DR.  It is so early that they could give you something if it is this.  If you wait too long and have PUPPS you can't do diddly, but once you have your LO it will go away.  I had a c-section and it was almost gone by the time I left the hospital.

    I don't have it now, if you are going to get it it is usually with the first pregnancy and you don't get it again, but my eczema is going haywire.  My hands are pretty crappy looking. 

    Good Luck! Nothing worse than being itchy!

    Yeah...my pics were so old. I got 3 kids. Nuff said. :)
  • My legs and belly were SUPER itchy- and I was scratching to the point where i would wake up with big scratches in the morning from itching so much. I went and bought 100% organic cocoa butter- the kind you have to melt in the microwave to use- and it has done WONDERS. Good luck and feel better ladies!

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  • They recommend calendula cream as an all purpose for newborns.  since I already had it, I tried it for my incessant itching - it did help, particularly on my face.  It's a bit expensive, though.
  • Yes!!!  I have been dieing.  I take one benadryle at night and oatmeal baths everyday.  I use Eucerin itch relief cream and cortizone like its going out of style.  The heat isnt  helping much.  I am 31 weeks.  I was also tested for a more serious condition where the baby's bile can get into your blood stream which causes itching everywhere.  You should tell your doc and ask to be tested.  Mine came back neg - so i am pushing through the final 9 weeks.  I have also used Baby Exzema cream - which seemed to help a little. 

    Benedryle is your best bet - but take it at night as it makes you sleepy.  It is a class B drug and can be taken during pregnancy.   

    Good luck! 

  • I too had the same problem, rash ad all. Finally got medicine from OB, Mystatin I think, do not have it with me bit really works and I also use Witch hazel to wipe  the area
  • Thats sooo odd, becasue i just started itching yesterday and Im 34 weeks Preggo....I was concerned because i thought it might affect my baby, but i see thats its kinda common to react differently to certain things...Then again, i had mango chicken last night and thats when i started itching (my hands, feet, arms and back/neck) I dont have any hives or red spots...its literally internally....i simply put on calamine lotion and it soothed it temporary...
  • I feel for you!  I had the same issue.  It just started out of no where and lasted about 5 weeks.  I went to my OB who gave me a steroid pack and sent me home.  She told me if it doesn't go away then I should see a dermatologist.  After a week it still hadn't gone away so I went to see the dermatologist and that was a big waste of time and money.  He looked at me for 2 minutes and said I have a pregnancy related rash and they don't know what caused it but I will probably have it until the end of the pregnancy (at the time I had 12 weeks left).  I went home and cried.  He said it could be anything from my detergent to bath soap or a certain food I am eating.  A few weeks later I changed my shower gel (I had been using the same shower gel & scent for years leading up to pregnancy and through my entire pregnancy).  I changed it to Aveeno fragrance free.  Within a week it had cleared up.  I think it was just a freak thing that happens to some people during their pregnancy.  With all of the changes to your body you develop sensitivity to certain things.  Here are some of the things I did over my 5 weeks of misery.

    Oatmeal bath - didn't work for me, Benedrayl - didn't work for me; the only thing that worked is a hot shower which helps to open your pores and then apply Gold bond anti-itch lotion.  I was taking 3 - 4 showers a day to get through it.  It allowed me about 3 - 4 hours at a time of relief.  Like I said, eventually it just went away.  I don't know if it's because I switched my shower gel or if it was something else.  I am still using Aveeno shower wash because I am not willing to test the theory, just happy to not be itching.  


  • join the club! i have been using fragrance free dove body wash and st ives soothing oatmeal and shea butter lotion. switch to fragrance free detergent and fabric softener. all cotton clothing helps too. AND DONT SCRATCH!!! hang in there....
  • I have had a lot of itching since I've been pregnant, too--I itched so much that I made myself bleed a couple of times from the scratching. Some things that have worked for me are:

     -using baby laundry detergent and sensitive skin fabric softener to wash all my clothes

    -using Basis sensitive skin bar instead of soap/body washes (the Aveeno oatmeal bar worked, too, but I didn't like the smell)

    -using Aveeno body lotion with oatmeal

     I've heard that the Aveeno oatmeal bath is helpful, too, but I haven't tried it myself.

     Good luck!

  • I experienced the same problem.  Definately see your OB - itching can be a sign of kidney issues.  There is also a condition that involves a rash related to pregancy.

     Once you are cleared for the above by your OB - Benadryl Gel works like a charm.  I enrobed my self in it twice a day.

  • I had it bad with both my pregnancies the worst was not being able to sleep at night. It could be several reasons for your itching (pregnancy hormones, skin stretching, products, pupps ect..)  If changing your products & using lotions not working you should see your doctor. Your Dr should be able to help you get some relief especially if you?re not sleeping at night.

  • I'm 30 weeks along and going through the exact same thing this very moment. I freaked out, reading everything online about Cholestasis of Pregnancy (www.itchymoms.com is actually a helpful website). I went to the doctor's in tears and they gave me an Rx for Hysdrocortisone and did some labwork (specifically a liver function and serum bile acid test) in order to rule out something major. Turns out my labs were fine and I just have "Dermatitis of Pregnancy" which is very common in the 3rd trimester and should eventually go away. I just hope I still have some skin left after all of my intense, middle-of-the-night scratchings. Hang in there and know that there are other sufferers as well!
  • This happened to me during my pregnancy...I was itchy all the time.  I talked to my doctor she said try benedryl cream.  Also, if it was worse at night and I couldn't sleep she said to take half a benedryl.  I did a few times and it worked wonders.  I tried not to use it that often though because I am not comfortable taking any medications during pregnancy unless I absolutely have to. 
  • I had Cholestasis during my first pregnancy (intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy), and it causes unbelievable itching EVERYWHERE - palms of hands, soles of feet, in the ears, eyeballs...

    You may want to ask your doc about this. It's very rare, so many will refuse to even consider it, but it is life threatening to baby if you go untreated. It doesn't hurt mommy other than the discomfort and risk of hemorrhage (I hemorrhaged during delivery, but everything was fine), but baby cannot survive full-term in most cases. If you have it, you will be put on meds and induced at 36-37 weeks.

     Good luck!!

  • I have this same problem.  I don't have the itchiness all over, however.  Mainly my legs.  I brought it up to my doctor and she actually had blood work drawn.  There is a condition that can be dangerous if not handled and itchiness all over is the main cause.  Please call your doctor and tell them.  It could be nothing, but better to be safe than sorry.
  • If it is PUPPP, and you're hesitant to try steroids (I understand they're not classed at all, and my midwives wouldn't prescribe them even though I begged unless this stuff didn't help): 


    A disclaimer, though - it seemed like this company didn't keep this stuff made, maybe because PUPPP is pretty rare, but I paid for overnight shipping because I felt like I was DYING, and it took three days to arrive. It was overnight...from the day they sent it, not the day I ordered it. The soap and lotion combo worked really well for me; the itching was gone within a day and the rash was mostly gone within a few days. It smelled good too, like mint gum. However, I just tried to use it again because it was expensive and I had half a jar left, and it smelled good so I figured I might as well get rid of it, but it had molded in the six weeks since my daughter was born. Guess that's what you get with all natural...no preservatives...and that is also probably why they don't seem to keep it stocked...

    In the end I was pretty mad about it because this stuff was expensive and the steroids would have been less than five dollars with my insurance...but that's what I get for using midwives (which is a different story altogether). 

    Hope you and your doc get it figured out soon, and that it is PUPPP and not a liver problem! PUPPP sucks but it's just itching, not system failure!

  • This is something you NEED to tell you Dr. or Midwife.  There are two things they will be looking for...first is PUPPS, which presents as a rash on your trunk area (belly, upper thighs), if you don't have a rash, it's not PUPPS.  The second is cholestasis of pregnancy which cause a bile salts build up in your body and this causes itching.  There is a simple blood test to check for cholestasis, and is also an indication for induction as soon as you are term.  Good Luck!
  • I'm only 16 wks but have had eczema for years and finally got it under control the last year or two.  I tried every cream, over the counter, steroid, saw several dematologists and nothing worked until...I bought generic walmart baby oil with vitamin e in it.  It works wonders.  Put it on after your shower and you are good for the day.  It does kinda sound like you have PUPP but it seems early for that.  My friend had it the last month of her pregnancy, hopefully I won't!  I already use everything perfume, dye free and can't stand the way benadryl makes me feel.  Good luck and I hope it gets better for you!
  • I'm loving my Palmer's stretch mark cream for the itch! my belly use to be itchy but i put this on everyday and it seems to stick around, althought it's dry to the touch, but when i shower i can feel it get slippery again. maybe this will help your itch, but yours does sound more serious than stretching skin itch.

    good luck mama!

  • Hi,

    I dont want to scare you AT ALL but I would recommend going to get your blood work done. I got cholestasis when I was pregnant and it started just like your describing and gradually got worse... from my body, then an uncontrollable itch on my hands and feet!! It is kind of early if it is ICP, BUT i would just be on the safe side just in case so you can begin treatment. They need to test your liver enzymes and bile acid.

     Hopefully I am wrong... but I went almost a month like that, changing everything I could think of, detergent, body washes etc... nothing really helped... Finally after a night of crying all night long bc I couldnt take it anymore I went in!

    I will tell you right now, you will look this up and your stomach will turn. DON'T! As long as there is early treatment, you will be fine! Good luck with everything... There is also a group on here that is dedicated to ICP sufferes called "Cholestasis of Pregnancy" - I would recommend just reading some of there comments to see if your symptoms sound the same!


    Good luck with everything!

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