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can babies have kefir?

Have you given kefir to your LO?

I haven't yet, but I'm seriously considering and want to know if you've tried it and if baby's tummy seemed to tolerate it.


Re: can babies have kefir?

  • I do not know the "medical" answer however I can tell you that my nephew was BF until about 10 months when he protested feedings so they talked to the doc about starting Milk ... he hated it. My SIL is an "all natural, dread wearing, self intitled "hippie" and an amazing Mom.... put my nephew on it and he loved it, tolerated it really well and is still drinking it.

    My son can not have milk ... long story but we ended up trying whole milk for the heck of it and it was VERY very bad .... she reccomended this to us and my Doctor said that he did not care either way and It was up to me. MY son prefers the organic soy and smoothie drinks over the kefir but at least now you have two cases of people trying it.

    We had to try something "milk" early because he protested formula at just shy of 11 months. I have a hard time finding kefir in my area anyway but she lives in NC and can get it anywhere

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