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How do you introduce whole milk?

Do you do it in separate bottles? like give LO an ounce or two or whole milk, then BM/Formula?

Do you mix it? 1/2 whole milk, 1/2 BM/Formula?

Re: How do you introduce whole milk?

  • My Pedi suggested adding 1 oz of whole milk to her normal formula bottle for each feeding increasing it by an oz or so every week for a slow transition.
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    We're going to start once she turns 11 months and we plan to mix half formula half whole milk in her bottle.
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  • I did a poll on 12-24 a couple weeks ago:


    We decided to do the mixedt ogether approach. We replaced 1 oz formula w/ whole milk the first day & then increased it by an ounce every other day. We're at 50/50 now & it is going just fine, no changes, no issues. Also gradually heating it less (it's pretty cool now) to get them used to cold milk. I'm more concerned about getting them to drink it all out of sippies next...


  • We started transitioning at 11 months.

    first week; 1/4 whole milk, 3/4 formula; so dd drinks 6 oz's (4oz formula, 2oz milk)

    2nd week; 1/2 whole milk, 1/2 formula

    3rd week: 3/4 whole milk ,1/4 formula

    4th week; All whole milk

    Right now we are on the 3rd week. Things have been going well so far. DD has always drank cold bottle, so we don't have issue there. I am more worried about getting DD to drink milk from her sippy. She does well with water, but I am not so sure about the milk.

  • Noah's always loved little sips of water in his sippy when he's eating real food, so i just started giving him sips of milk instead, usually with breakfast. I BF, for the record, i don't even own any bottles anymore. He loves his whole milk, it's really cute. Smile

    ETA: I'm not pushing him to transition yet, like I said, I'm still BFing. I gave him whole milk really just to see if he liked it at all, which he did. Whoo! Smile

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