Help! Teething baby on strike

My son is 4 months and 3 weeks old. He is teething and drools alot because of it. I ff and bf but lately he barely eats. :( He cries like he is in pain and orajel will not help. I try to feed him after I put it on, and rarely does he start to eat. Does anyone else have this problem and know what to do? I am considering giving him baby tylenol...but I don't know if it is necessary. He used to cry very little and now that he is teething he cries alot. Someone please help I just want to breastfeed my baby :( Another thing is when he eats he usually turns his body away, or puts his head down. I know he is hungry but he has a hard time eating. Any answers will be appreciated.

Re: Help! Teething baby on strike

  • I would definitely not put orajel on and then try to feed. It makes him numb and probably really frustrated. Give him tylenol about 15 minutes before feeding time. Not sure why you haven't already... For me tylenol or for older babies Motrin has done wonders during teething time. You may also consider Gripe Water, if he is crying a lot that can cause him to get gassy. Hope he starts feeling better.
  • Not feel hopeless it is ok. My son is 4 months and 3 weeks also and I am right there with ya. He has had the same thing going on. My friend who has a one year old asked me the same question of had I given him tylenol and why not? I just felt that if he wasn't running a fever or getting shots, or an obvious pain (which is now obvious) then I didn't need to give him Tylenol. I think I thought of it as more of fever reducer verses a pain reliever. But anyway, give it to him! (if you are comfortable with it that is) It has made a HUGE difference. I give it to Tyler like two or three times a day (night night time and nap time). He was also waking up a lot and crying...again my friends says...well why do you think that and I had to say, because his teeth hurt or ornery like his mother. 

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  • Tylenol was very helpful for my son, I think he got it almost daily for a straight month.  If he isn't eating much at all and seems uncomfortable I would also call the pedi, check to make sure it's not an ear infection or other problem.  This will get better- hang in there!!
  • Thank you everyone :) I will definately try the tylenol...I also just thought of it as a fever reducer. He also has a bit of a cold...a little bit of congestion. I am using AYR drops and they seem to help him breathe better :)
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