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Need a middle Name

We love the name Kahlen (pronounced Kay-len) for DD.  Thing is that we are stuck for a middle name.  Last name starts with H and is a first name, yes my husband pretty much has 3 first names.

Re: Need a middle Name

  • Are you stuck on the spelling for the first name? I like the first name, but can't imagine people pronouncing it as Kay-len. When I first saw it I pronounced it Kah-len (almost like Colin). With that aside here are some middle name ideas-











  • I like MCMoo23's suggestion for Elise. Marie also sounds good but it's my middle name so I'm biased lol
  • I agree with pp that at first glance I thought the name would be pronounced like Colin too because of the h.

    I would stick with something simple as the mn like June, Marie, Louise, Jane, Emily, Sarah, Rachel, Grace.


  • image MCMoo23:

    but can't imagine people pronouncing it as Kay-len. When I first saw it I pronounced it Kah-len (almost like Colin).

    I agree ? the h would make me say Kah-len, kind of like Colin. 

    Do you have any good family names to use as a middle name? With a modern name like Kahlen, I like a more classic middle name ? plunder your family tree for ideas.

  • It also makes me think Collin when I see Kahlen. 

    A classic middle name would be good - maybe something in the family.  I was thinking a longer middle name since the first name is 2 syllables. 



  • ames71ames71 member

    I pronounced it how you intended, but that may have been because I remember a Kahlen on ANTM. For a middle name:

    Kahlen Adele

    Kahlen Elizabeth

    Kahlen Rose


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  • This makes me think of Kahlen Rondot, from America's Next Top Model, also! I liked her, so the name has positive connotations. I like this, and I would pronounce it like "Kay-lin."


    As long as your last name is longer than one syllable, I think a  one-syllable mn - one that's a bit "spunkier" to fit the spelling of the name - would probably sound best, or a two-syllable mn with the emphasis on the second syllable (like Kahlen Whitney).


    Kahlen Hope

    Kahlen  Lou

    Kahlen Paige

    Kahlen Bree

    Kahlen Honor

    Kahlen Ever

    Kahlen Brinley

    Kahlen Finley

    Kahlen Victoria

    Kahlen Veronica

    Kahlen Brooke

    Kahlen Eva

    Kahlen Whitney

    Kahlen Lindsay

    Kahlen Leslie

    Kahlen Berkeley

    Kahlen Brinkley 

    Kahlen Hadley

    Kahlen Presley

    Kahlen Paisley

    Kahlen Taylor

    Kahlen Bridget

    Kahlen Landry

    Kahlen Lisette

    Kahlen Constance





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