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anyone see/seen Dr. Al-Malt?


He's a great doctor, most of his staff is very friendly except for like one or two girls there, he takes his time to tell you how it is and doesn't bulls**t you and I respect that about him.... what I don't like is you can arrive early and still wait almost 45 minutes to be seen by him and he's always rushed since he's the only doctor in his practice. He runs around like a chicken with his head cut off alot of the time.

I got really upset b/c he told me the babys neck was thicker than it should be in the nuchal translucency screening. I did bloodwork and had to go through 4 people to get someone to give me my results. Someone finally told me he was finishing with a patient and if I minded waiting, I told her no and as soon as he got on the phone he sounded rushed and annoyed and he sounded as if my baby for sure had or was going to have Down Syndrome. We go in a week later and he sits with us to explain it, turns out there's only a 5% chance.

His practice is literally across the street from FL Hospital South, next to the Ronald McDonald House. I'm seeing him for my high risk pregnancy and I wanted to see if there was anyone else who sees him or knows of anyone and get their opinions....I'm really debating on finding another doctor. Just wanna see if I'm the only one who noticed this or not.

Re: anyone see/seen Dr. Al-Malt?

  • Yes, I chose him as my peri with my 1st pregnancy (for the screeninggs) and ended up going to him longer due to my thyroid condition and baby's kidney's were not developing at first. We loved him. I'm actually going to him in 3 weeks for the screenings for this current pg. The secret to getting to see him quickly is to schedule the 1st appt after lunch (1 pm). Otherwise, i had to wait for over an hour each time. He leads and trains other peri's in the Orlando area. He's very well known in FL.

    My friend had a horrible 2nd pregnancy and he ended up putting her on bedrest at FL Hospital. He came by 2-3 times a day to check on her. He did a cerclage on her to try to keep the baby in longer (when other doctors said she's about to have a miscarriage). She ended up delivering at 23 weeks and he did everything he could to try to help her and the baby. The baby is still at the NICU at FL Hospital (she's now 12 weeks old) and although she has a long road ahead of her, is doing well. It was a well known fact if it was another doctor (esp. at Winnie), they would not have tried to save a 23wkr in her condition.

    I know he's super busy and may not be as traditional, but I do think you're in good hands.

  • I saw him for Gestational Diabetes ( not as serious, I know) but he was amazing. Some days I could tell he was in a hurry, but I worked in a doctor's office prior to having DD so I understand some days are crazy. I ended up having to get an amnio last minute and he took me for an appointment the morning I called. I chose him to do that procedure over my regular OB. I think he is very experienced, I actually saw him on an episode of "Birth Day" once on Discovery Health Channel. Good Luck to you.
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  • This is my first pregnancy and I have been seeing him since I was referred by my OB/GYN (Dr. Fu) at 11 weeks.  It has been a very pleasant experience.  His staff has always been friendly and very helpful.  I have had to wait the most a hour but it was definitely worth the wait.  I highly recommend him!  He is very caring and compassionate and really cares about the mom and baby.  I am currently 37 weeks and will most likely be induced next week.  He is overly cautious which I am more than happy about as I am high risk due to a history of thyroid cancer.  I definitely recommend him! 

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