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I live in the golf manor area and I am desperatly seeking pre-school for our 3.5 yr old so when out twins get here she can start school or maybe even alil before hand but good grief its so expensive!! Does anyone know of a reasonably priced preschool in the area? scholrships for preschool? Please help!

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  • I teach in CPS and my son will attend Dater Montessori in the fall.  Have you looked at any CPS preschool programs?  Perhaps Pleasant Ridge Montessori or North Avondale?  I'm not sure what the waiting list is like now, but I can ask if you are interested (I work next to the preschool department).  I've also heard good things about Kennedy Heights Montessori. 
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  • Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian has a great pre-school program. Google for their website, they list all the fees. It's not full time though.

    CPS preschool has financial assistance if you qualify, otherwise it's a little pricey.

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  • Thanks, if you could look into that for me that would be great. My apologies for such a late response, busy busy busy , im sure you understand.Any information will help. Thank you heaps!!!  I have actually looked at KHM They look like they have an excellent program!
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