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Who is in their early 20s? Non-clicky poll

So I have definitely been feeling like the youngest one here lately and was wondering if there were any others in their 20s. How old are you? YH? How long have you been married? How long have you been TCC? Does anyone question about marriage and babies since your so young?

Re: Who is in their early 20s? Non-clicky poll

  • DH and I are both 26.

    We've been married 3 years.

    Honestly, most people think we've waited a long time. Most of our friends and family of similar age already have kids.

  • I'm 25.. does that count as early 20's? We have been married for 2 years and he's 28. The only questions/comments we get are 'when are you starting a family?'

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  • I'm 22, DH is 24. I'll be 23 in September.

    We've almost been married a year. TTC since April. 

    No one questioned our marriage because we've been together almost nine years, but people have lots to say about TTC. Some think we'd be crazy to give up our 20s to raising children. Others don't understand why I'm not pregnant yet. And, I have to endure lots of "So when are you two going to have kids?" questions.




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  • I'm 22. DH 25. Married 4+ years. 2nd month TTC. We aren't telling anyone, but since we've been married awhile, have a house, have great careers, and are financially prepared...I don't think anyone will think we're too young once we get our BFP. In fact, several family members keep hinting that they want us to have a baby. I usually pretend not to notice the comments and ignore them though.
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  • Ella85Ella85
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    I am 25 does that count as young 20's??

    DH is 27 we have been married for 2 years and just started TTC. A lot of our family think we should wait, but we dont care. (MY Mom)

    Oh and no one questioned our marriage everyone thought we were ready for that. We had been together 6 years.

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  • I'm 24, DH is 27, and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary this past May.

    People questioned us a LOT about getting married since I was only 18 when we got engaged, but now that we've been married for a while, we are starting to get a lot of "when are you going to start your family?" kind of questions. I've even had women ask me if everything is "all right" and stare at my stomach while asking!

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  • I am 24
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  • I am 26 DH is 28.Married almost 2 years and some people say we should wait as long as possible till we have children. We of course don't listen to those people.


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  • Mh and I are both 25, married just over 8 1/2 months, on our 9th cycle ttc and no one really questions it.. they are now just wondering when it will happen since so many ppl know we are trying and we have huge families...
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  • AshB62AshB62
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    I'm 25, DH is 27. We've been married a little over 3 years. We have a 2 1/2 year old DD, so we get "When are you having another one?" A LOT.
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  • I am 24, and DH is 25. We've been married a little over 2 months, but we've been together 2 years. This is our first month ttc. Our Parents ask us all the time when are y'all going to have a baby. But my family (aunts, cousins, and other) tells us..DONT have kids wait for atleast 2-3 yrs...but we are ready now. I believe it's your decision..not their's.  
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  • tosh24tosh24 member

    In the next month, DH will be 30 and I will be 27...hmpf, guess that doesn't count as early 20's anymore, does it? where did the time go?

    We've been married for just over 4 years and have a DD who's 3. EVERYONE asks us when we're going to have another. I tell them we're not. That shuts them up quite nicely.


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  • I am 24, DH is 29. We have been married almost a year, TTC about 3 months. I think our families think we should wait, but we own our home, both work full time, are semi-comfortable financially and have wonderful suppoort around us. My mom hints a lot about wanting us to have a baby, but I my dad is a supervisor at my place of employment and I think he will be less excited.  My sister was married in 2006 had a baby in 2008 and divorced in 2009, and she and my nephew are now living with my parents so I think my family worries that for us, but we are different people and fully commited to each other.

    Probably more than the question was, but feels good to let it all out sometimes LOL!

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  • I'm 22 and DH is 28... We are on cycle number 2. I get people that say we are wayyy to young, but i guess i just dont want to be 40 and have 2 year old. Our parents had us young and did just fine. I want my children to be able to know their grandparents and i want to have enough energy to play with my kids..

  • StucasStucas
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    I'm 24, my DH will be 31 this summer. We have been married over a year and a half and have been TTC for 5 months.

    Nobody thinks we're too young, but then again it might be different if DH was my age. 

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  • I am 26, DH is 27.  We've been married a little over a year.  We've been TTC since my April/May cycle.  Our friends ask when we are going to have kids, but our families tell us to wait until we are at least 30.  This is why some of our friends know we are TTC and our families are left out of the loop.
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  • So I am 23 my DH is 23

    We have been together for 6 years and married just over a month 

    We started TTC in March 2008 (I have PCOS and were worried it might take awhile) 

    Everyone in the family was VERY excited for the wedding.  6 years is a very long time to date lol.  We've heard a few comments here and there about waiting and they aren't ready to be great-so and so's yet.  But I think when it happens everyone will be excited for us.  What is comes down to is it our decision.  And we are really excited  

  • I am 26 and DH is 28. We have a three year old. So we started young too I guess most would say. But we have been together for eleven years, so we thought it was about time :) We have been TFAS since April of 2009.
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  • image tosh24:

    In the next month, DH will be 30 and I will be 27...hmpf, guess that doesn't count as early 20's anymore, does it? where did the time go?

    We've been married for just over 4 years and have a DD who's 3. EVERYONE asks us when we're going to have another. I tell them we're not. That shuts them up quite nicely.

    This is what I was thinking too. I'm 28 and DH is turning 30 next week. We've been married for 2 years and just started TTC.

  • I'm 25 (26 in November). I'm not so sure that's early 20s and for the first time ever, that makes me feel bad. I'm usually one of those people who don't let aging bother me! Confused DH is 26.

    DH and I have been married since November and this is our third cycle TTC. We're always asked when we're having a baby b/c we've been together for almost six years. We just tell people we'll have one when we have one!


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  • I'm 23, DH is 29 & we've been married almost 2 years. We have a 1 year old DD & I was hoping to be pg before her birthday. This is our first cycle temping & using OPKs but we've been "not avoiding" since DD was a couple months old. We didn't know how long it would take to conceive again but I can already tell that charting/temping is going to make a huge difference in both my knowledge of my body & getting the timing right.
    I was 21 when we got married, (we got engaged after 10 months of dating), w/all the support in the world from our families - which are both huge. They can't wait for us to have another LO & neither can we! 
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  • I'm 20, DH is 23. our birthdays are in November. Next month is our 2 year anniversary. Together for 4 years. People ask all the time why were so young, and think we have kids already. All my friend thinking I'm crazy for wanting a baby so young, which is why they don't know were TTC.
  • I am 23 and DH will be 24 in November. We have been married for almost 2 years (2 years in October). We have a beautiful baby girl who is 8 months old. We are thinking about going ttc with #2.
  • We're both 22, soon to be 23 this Fall. We got married at 20. We get a lot of comments about making sure we enjoy ourselves and that we're young and don't have to rush babies. Then again some are always wanting to know if we're trying or what. We're both focusing on trying to get healthy and enjoying ourselves right now. That and I'm learning how to chart since I'm fresh off bcp
  • I'm 24, DH is 29 (going to be 30 in September!). Our 4th anniversary is coming up in August, and we've only been TTC for about a month. I got married at 20, and yes some ppl questioned my age, but I think it made a difference that we weren't both 20- DH had a steady good-paying job and a house when he proposed, and he's 5.5 years older than me. And, I'm mature for my age. Wink

    As for babies, I don't think 24 is young, and neither do any of our friends. They're all getting getting KU, and they want us to join them!

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  • I am 24, DH is 23.  We have been married about 5 months.  Yes, everyone is questioning our decision to TTC.  But then again, everyone questioned us deciding to get marrired.  Who gives a sh*t!  Stick out tongue

    ETA:  We've been together for 8 years.

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  • I am 22(will be 23 in November), DH is 25. We have been married for 9 months(10/17/09). This is our 2nd month TTC.

    We were engaged for 2 years before we got married. We dated a year before we got engaged. When we got engaged, we just knew that we would want children, and as soon as it would happen.

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  • I'm 22 (23 in December), DH is 24. We were married a year on the 4th of July and together nearly 8. No one questioned us getting married because of everything we've been through together (2 combat deployments, 3 years apart) they figured if we could make it through that than we can deal with anything. 

    We've just started to actively TTC this cycle. Our families can't wait for us to have kids, they make comments about it all the time (it's not bothering me yet...but I'm sure if we don't get pregnant right away it will start to). 


  • I will be 27 August 2nd, so definitely not in my early 20's anymore. :( My DH is 27. We will be married for 2 years in October.
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  • Both 24, got married at 22. I have a 3 y o but even if we didn't I think people would still be expecting us to have kids young because it fits our personality. We have a very "traditional" type family even if we aren't. We have technically been TTC since April/Mayish. And no one IRL questions me about anything :)
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