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hey, i dont post on here um... ever. but im glad they have a military board. im 22, i married my husband back in dec and we r expecting our first and well im a little nervous. we are at lejeune right now but my husband is putting in for recruiting so he can be stateside with us for a while. but before he can do that he has to take care of all these medical issues surfacing from his ied blast in april. its just all very overwhelming knowing that i will be either VERY pregnant or have a newborn when we finally move and finding a place and all the bad things ive heard about recruiting (them never being home ect ect) its a lot! plus i dont have a job and finding one is very difficult but we could really use that extra money!!!! this is just a very off the wall post so sorry if it bored you

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  • one, welcome to Lejeune.  It is a "wonderful" place.  Two, congrats on the marriage.  And three, congrats on the baby. 

    I feel you with finding a job.  I am not having much luck either, but just keep going.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on here.  You will get all the answers you could want.   

  • We are recruiting now.  Send me a PM and I will answer any questions about recruiting that I can. It reallys isn't that great and we are in the best recruiting district and one of the most successful regions.

  • Welcome. :)

    My DH was going to put in for RD but, he got denied because he has a sleeve tatoo.  Hes now putting in for I&I after he gets the letter saying he was deployed.  After doing japan for 15 months (he was there 3 years) and now 2 deployments and having DS while he was gone I'm REALLY hoping he gets it. 

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  • Hi im at lejuene too!! I am 6 Months pregnant and due oct. 29th. My husband deploys in dec. I heard that the recruiting schedule is better than if he went to be a drill instructor, bc they are gone almost the whole three months bc they have to stay with the recruits. I remember when my husband was recruited he wanted to wait till his birthday to go to bootcamp so he had to be a poolie for like 4 months and i would go to the meeting with him and run with the boys and play football with them and we got really close with his recruiter and his wife. His recruiter would be there till like 7 somenights and then have to do a weekend long thing once a month and then whenever a family wanted to meet him he would have to go see them some nights. I dont know if that helps at all but i hope so. I too have found it horrible trying to find a job in Jacksonville but back home had a lot more options then here so maybe the town you move to will have better choices.
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