does your pre-schooler talk about ghost?

Hi! I've been lurking here for a little while, but today I have a question.  

My DS talks about Ghost all the time. At first I thought he must have seen a episode of the wonder pets or something that had to do with ghost. He has an idea in his little head of ghost with sheets over them like you would see in a cartoon. Anytime you cover your head with anything he laughs and calls you a ghost.

But then last night when I was putting him to bed he pointed up to the celing and said something about a ghost. Then he pointed towards the bedroom door and said, "Look mommy! the ghost is by the door!" he was not afraid at all. He kissed me and went to bed. I, on the other hand, was a little unnerved.

anyone else?

Re: does your pre-schooler talk about ghost?

  • No ghosts (DD doesn't know what they are) but she regularly points out unicorns, elephants and all sorts of other things that are in our house.

    I wouldn't worry. I'm sure he was just feeling imaginative!

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    Yes.  DD has done the same thing with monsters too, usually pointing at shadows and calling them monsters or ghosts.  I've told her there are no such things as ghosts and if she were to ever see one, be sure to ask it for some ghost ice cream or ghost jelly beans and then go on to muse about whether she thought ghost jellybeans would taste good.  It's a nice distraction for her.  But nothing Sixth Sense or anything...

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • DD will point to a area sometimes and say "Who is that?". It started after DH took her to his aunts which he says is haunted. DD does not do it often but enough to make you think she might be seeing something.
  • DD learned about cartoony ghosts from Caillou.

    But she's done the creepy ghost thing a couple times too, though she was not scared it was creepy to me. And one of my BFF's girls had whole conversations with monsters or ghosts - she'd stop playing and wave to an empty doorway and say hi and go about her business and was very matter of fact about the fact that she was talking to the ghost. Super creepy.

    - Jena
  • yes actually... He does have a backyardigans episode about ghosts... not sure that is where it is from though. He doesn't talk to himself or anything just says "hey! it's a ghost!"
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  • When Cedric was 16 months old, my brother was dying from brain cancer.  We were visiting him at the hospice he was staying in, and he was close to death.  As we were saying our final goodbyes to my brother, Cedric kept pointing up to the ceiling in the room like he was seeing something there.  He kept saying, "UP!", and continue to say up when we went outside.  My brother died after midnight of that evening, and my parents and other two brothers that were with him when he passed, said that my dying brother kept talking to somebody in the room.  He kept saying, "I'm not ready to go with you.  Go away!"  I don't know what my brother saw or my baby, but I know kids are very insightful and see things we don't.  I have my brother's baseball hat that he wore when he was sick, and Cedric will tell you that's Michael's hat.  Cedric is over three now, and he still remembers. 
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  • My five year old daughter doesn't talk about ghosts but about angels. Sometimes, I hear her talking to someone while she plays alone in her room. When I go in and ask her who she's talking about, she says it's Nala, "her angel". Charlie can go hours on end playing with the angel and even says goodnight to her, she says she sleeps next to her on the bed.

    Talking to my husband, we wonder where she got the name or if there's actually someone with our daughter. I've read children can be very sensitive to things like that, so it may be true, but I know it will go away in a while.

  • DS asked us a couple of times why there was a man on his was kind of creepy
  • This seems like totally normal preschool behavior to me.  My kids had (the youngest still has) all kinds of imaginary beings that hang out with them.  It's normal for kids aged 3 and 4 to "experiment" with imagining things that are sort of a combo of funny and scary.

    Keep communicating with her about it, in a laid-back way, because it's a great way to get a better idea of what's going on in her head!  You'll know if she's stressed out or going through major emotional developments because the imaginary beings she talks about will become scarier for a while!

    Secondary English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 9th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 4th grade
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