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Baby Shower Locations - Between City and Suburbs?

Hi, I live in the city, although I have friends and family that live on the NW and South side of Chicago. Any suggestions for a "Reasonable" Shower location/place? There will be over 75 guests. Thanks, Karen

Re: Baby Shower Locations - Between City and Suburbs?

  • I had the hardest time finding a "reasonable" place. I had to keep cutting my list, got it down to 45 finally. And as for a shower location. The most reasonable I found for a Sunday afternoon ended up being Wildfire. Their lunch private party price is $18.95 a head, including coffee and soft drinks. Most I found were over $24 and many did not include drinks. I suggest booking as early as possible too, because I started about 3 months in advance and a couple locations were already booked for days I was looking at. I remember a place called kitch'n (I don't remember how it's spelled), there's one in roscoe village and one downtown I think. Anyways, I used to go for breakfast, but they didn't have any brunch options. But, a $15.00 option, but it seemed to be only like a BBQ. I kind of thought, why not just do it in the yard for BBQ, but whatever your taste. Hope that helps somewhat. 
  • You can try Park Ridge, Moretti's has a really nice outdoor patio that you could use.

    You also can try Cucina Biagio's on Lawrence in Harwood Heights. They have two really nice room that would be perfect for baby showers and for a huge Italian style type of meal I would say between $23-$25 per person.

     These of course are on the northwest side of the city near Edison Park.

  • I had my sister's shower at Allegra Banquets in Schiller Park, it is in the Comfort Inn Hotel off of River Road, I explored all my options catering, at  park field house and several pizza places and this was the most economical i had around 55 ppl and for a sunday brunch it was great i think i only paid 15.00/per person and included drinks, and coffe or tea.  You can even taste the food, This was per plate event no buffet style.  Tony the manager was great to work with and made the shower lovely, He even through in a punch bowl for no extra cost.  The guests were very impressed.  Good Luck hope this helps. 
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