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An update on my divorce news...

I posted about a week ago about my deciding to file for divorce...a few of you ladies asked me how things were going, so I thought I'd update ya'll. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about or just don't care just ignore this!)

Dh and I both went to see the therapist last week. (Both sessions were already scheduled as follow up's to several couples sessions we already had). On Monday when Dh got home he was telling me about some of the things he is learning to deal with his anger and his lack of communication skills. Much to my surprise, he actually stopped several times over the last week and said things to me like "I'm starting to feel really angry, and I'm not sure why...can you help me?" This is HUGE.

When I went for my session (Wednesday) the therapist basically said that while he doesn't want to take sides,  he thinks my Dh has A LOT of work to do. He said that he spoke to my Dh about how he is going to wind up without a wife and (daily) child if he doesn't decide to change himself. The therapist also said that while I know some of how horrible Dh's childhood was (alcoholism, domestic violence etc.) he suspects that there is a lot more that Dh isn't telling.  

I've decide to give it a shot and help Dh through what ever he needs to get through. I love the man...wouldn't have married him if I didn't. At the same time, Dh is trying to show love and accept love in a way he never has before. This morning Dh went into work 2 hours late because Henry woke up and he was cuddling/wrestling with him. My heart was melting while I pretended to sleep next to them <3

Thanks so much for all your support last was needed and appreciated!!

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Re: An update on my divorce news...

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