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XP: Hair question. African American Bumpies come in!

I'm not in any way try to exclude any bumpies from this post so plz don't take it that way. Its just that it's a hair question and of course diff. ethnicities have diff. hair. Anyone can comment :) So I'm asking all my sisters out there:

With this ridiculous heat what are you doing with your hair? I have been getting my hair pressed and curled every 2 weeks but with the way its been lately i find that i need another solution since i'm sweating in my head immensely. Leaning toward either a sew in or braids? what about you guys?

Re: XP: Hair question. African American Bumpies come in!

  • LOL. I just stay out of the heat as much as possible. I'm still getting relaxers done and shampooing once a week. Sorry, I'm not much help!

    My last pregnancy, I just cut it really short into a wash n go style and that helped a lot.


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  • I am dealing with the heat here in Illinois as well. I had micros done a couple weeks ago. I had my hair braided the last time I went into labor with my son. I find it to be easier to deal with the heat and still look decent after labor to just have my braids. I hope that this helps. I was considering a sew-in, but never had one. I figured I better go with what I know and stick with the micros this time around.
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  • hey.... this is my first pregnancy and i'm doing the braids.... i got kinky twist when i was 3 months but my hair was doing this funny baby taking over my body thing so it grew out really quick.. by the time i was 4 months i had to get my hair redone.. i went somewhere else and got micros and that went really well.. i'm 7 months in 2 days and i still have them in.. i really need to get my hair redone (lbvs) it truly is a time saver and less stress!!!  the cons are the long hours you have to sit to get them taken down and put back in.. but its worth it... also you have to try to estimate when it will be time to get them taken down.. like because i'm 7 months if i get new braids now by the time the baby comes in october my hair will be looking like this again.. that's not gonna look good on new pic of me and baby kyle.. so i'm gonna wait to get my hair rebraided until maybe next month or when it's kinda close... i know that it might be kinda difficult for me to sit that long but with breaks in between i should be able to make it... right now i might just get a bob until then... lol hope this helps...
  • I usually wear it up in a bun because a press and curl will look crazy after i've been out all day. Or i'll do a wash and go and just wear it curly.

  • I have a sew-in, it's so easy.  I personally just don't like the way that braids look. I've gone on vacations to islands with guys and they were amazed that I didn't show up with braids.

    To me, a sew-in gives you the same amount of ease with more versatility.

    it's so freakin humid here in Chicago!!

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  • there is nothing wrong with relaxing your hair while pregnant. i am in the process of going natural so i get my hair blown out by dominicans often. painful, but worth it!
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  • I've been getting regular relaxers and trims. Keeping it wrapped and bunning when I work out. I'm starting to wonder if I'll just ponytail it for the birth too.
  • I thought this would be related to the LOs hair. I am mixed and my hair is more like a Puerto Rican than my black dad or white mom. All that, but I am not bedrest so I only go outside once a week. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail? If I was still getting my hair pressed my head would sweat it out just like yours... I typically just wear it curly during the summer.
  • Thanks for all your advice guys. I've had kinky twists before I think I'm gonna go that route. I like sew-ins but honestly im the type that once it starts itching I'm pretty much done with it and need it out lol. Hair is too expensive to be throwing away these days lol.

    I get my hair, well the short part anyway relaxed every other 2 wks (I got a assymetric bob thing going on at the moment...) but i think pregnancy is messing with the chemicals cuz i don't think its working like it should lol.


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