2nd Trimester

What would you recommend having 2 of?

My cousin is going to a garage sale tomorrow that's advertising a lot of baby stuff and wants to know if I want anything...I am registering for a lot of new things, but what do you 2nd time mom's recommend getting 2 of (to keep at Grandma's house, or to just have 2 of around the house?)


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Re: What would you recommend having 2 of?

  • Depending on how much your baby will be at Grandmas, I would recomend having a permenate bed at grandmas. Also always great to have plenty of clothes, diapers, and bottles at both places if you plan on spending lots of time at grandma's. You can never have too many booger extractors and mini nail clippers either. I used to and will again keep a baby swing and playpad at grandmas house permantely too.
  • -Well, lots of clothes is great!  You can never have enough.  I made sure I was stucked from 0-12 months.

    -More than one boppy would be good.

    -Bottle warmer


    -Diaper changing stuff, one of those pads, perhaps a diaper holder thiny...


  • The things I keep there are:  playpen, diapers, wipes, extra clothes and pajamas, bottle/sippy, and some toys.

  • At each of the grandparents house there was a bassinet and then a small crib, activity center and a changing center.  It sure did help to encourage visits when so much was there and we didn't have to tote it all along with us.
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  • I recommend having two bases to a car seat if you can.  It's so much easier than having to keep moving it from one vehicle to another.  I also recommend that if the baby is going to be spending a lot of time at your grandmother's house to have like a pack and play or something that the baby can sleep in and maybe one of the bouncy chairs.
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  • I'm making sure that I have a mattress pad/protector and crib sheets at my mom's. My parents are going to be watching the baby when I go back to work. I also want them to have diapers, wipes, extra clothes, pacifiers so I don't have to pack a huge diaper bag every time I drop him off. I also want them to have a carseat and swing or bouncy seat.  

  • anything activity related (examples: swing, bouncy seat, exersaucer, toys)

    pack-n-play (would never buy a used crib at a yard sale)

    booster seat or very small high chair which can be put away when baby isn't there


  • How often is baby going to be at grandmas house.  We went to our familys house every weekend (just for the day 2 hr drive) to every other weekend.  I had a travel swing to take with us and took our pack in play.  I never left anything at our familys house.  But if you are there everyday or a few times a week maybe a travel swing (so it can be put away), pack in play and maybe some extra clothes, diapers and wipes. 
  • If your house has more than one level, I recommend another bouncer.  In fact, maybe even if your house has one level it would be a good idea.  One of mine practically became a bathroom fixture in front of my shower. :) 
  • swing

    carseat base

    pack n play


    image image

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  • We had a bouncy chair, co-sleeper. some blankets, and some toys left at my mom's for DD. Probably do the same once DS arrives. We go over about once a week. Also diapers and extra wipes are a necessity to have at grandma's...just incase you forget to pack them :)
  • Totally unrelated to your question...but I just read this same post on PW and realized it's you on there too!! I'm FSUKristi on there. Good to see another PW bride on here! Smile
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  • I loved having two pack'n'plays.  I had a two story house and kept one of them on the main level.  I used it for naps and I also used the changing station rather than going upstairs each time.  then when we went somewhere I didn't have to dissasemble the thing I just too our second one with us.

  • DD is at both grandma's houses a couple days a week since we work.  Both grandma's have a pack and play for her to nap in, high chair, swing (she would only nap in this for the first 5 months), bouncer, activity table, various toys and books.  We always keep them stocked with diapers, wipes, extra clothing.  

    We bring a diaper bag each day filled with her small favorite toys and books from home, outfit for the day, her favorite lovey and blanket, and her bottles, solids, and snacks.  

    It makes it so nice that they have all of this stuff when we have family get togethers on the weekends too. Both grandma's also have baby monitors too which come in handy since they have larger houses. 

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