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November Due Dates???

anybody having a november due date mines on november 8 and im having a baby boy...and i wanna know if anyone had a sore throat, a runny nose and a cough and what did u take for it???
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Re: November Due Dates???

  • There is a whole board dedicated to November due dates. Look to your left and scroll down.

    Your doctor should have given you a list of approved medications. If not call and ask. They all say something different.

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  • I'm due Nov 25th and having a girl.  Like pp, my dr also gave me a list of approved meds, but I try to avoid them and deal with whatever I have going on.  Just my personal preference.  My dr approves sudafed for colds b/c it doesn't have all the extras in it like tylenol sinus meds.  I would def. check w/ your dr to see what he thinks is best for you.

    Being sick when prego sucks, huh?! Sorry you feel down and out.

    If you haven't already checked it out, the Nov birth month boards is wonderful.  All the Mom's are so supportive and friendly, which I find is sometimes hard to get on these boards.  Check it out!

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