Any advice for a 1st time mom hoping to BF?

I was hoping you ladies might be able to recommend some good resources for me to read/watch in the next few months before my LO comes.  I remember someone saying there were a few good websites, but are there books or vidoes that you found helpful?

If all goes as planned, I will be exclusively breastfeeding for 6 weeks, and then, I will have to do a combination of pumping and BF'ing when I return to work.

Do you also have any particular recommendations on electric breastpumps or bottles that your BF'ing baby liked if you had to pump too?  Sorry for all of the questions, but BF'ing is really important to me and I want to be as educated as possible on the subject before baby comes.



Re: Any advice for a 1st time mom hoping to BF?

  • I didn't read a ton of books on bfing before LO came other than one by Dr Sears's wife...can't remember what it was called but I got it from the library.  I did spend a ton of time lurking on this board, researching online ( is a great resource) and watching all the videos online that I could find on the subject.  I know that doesn't really answer your question very well...

    Things I would suggest to help you get off to the right start with bfing: Make sure you latch baby on as soon as you can after delivery.  Ask for as much help as is available to you - LC's at the hospital (but be careful, bc we had some good ones and some that just got us worried over nothing).  Have a LC come visit you at home once your milk comes in to make sure baby and you are doing everythign right.  Make sure whatever pedi you choose is pro breastfeeding and make sure that your DH is 100% on board.  I would not have made it thru the first few weeks if my DH had not been 150% supportive.  Feed baby as often as he/she wants for as long as they want.  This can be frustrating but the forst 40 days or so establish your supply so the more you feed baby early on, the better off you will be once you go back to work and are pumping.  Above all, remember bfing is not always easy at first but it is totally worth it both for you and for baby.  Take it one day at a time and good luck!

  • Suggestions:

    -lurk/post on this board -- I've learned a ton here is the best resource I've found

    -take a breastfeeding class at your hospital or get in touch with the La Leche League (my BFing class was included with the childbirth classes)

    I didn't read any books on BFing so I can't recommend any.

    I pumped for 8 months after returning to work.  I bought a Medela Pump In Style Advance and loved it.  If money is no object, consider getting the Medela Freestyle, which is truly hands-free. 

    As far as bottles go, we finally had luck with the Breast Flow bottles (made by The First Years).  DS was reluctant to take any bottles, but he finally took the Breast Flow ones.

    Good luck!

    ETA: Definitely get a Boppy pillow as well!  I still use it for every feeding.

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    Thank you both for your replies.  You were very informative.  I know how important BF'ing is for both mom and baby, so I really want to give it my best shot.  Smile


  • I would look at the LaLeche website.  Tons of good info.  Medela PISA is the best double electric pump out there.  If you're going to be pumping daily I highly recommend it.  We used the Playtex drop ins for bottles.  They worked great but sometimes you have to try different bottles/nipples to see which LO will drink from best.
  • This board and were the most helpful resources for me.  I used an Ameda Purely Yours pump which I liked.  I do not recommend Avent bottles b/c they leak if the lids are not on just right.  I've stuck with them only b/c I had already spent a lot of money on them but hate them. 

    Other tips....

    • pumping really sucks in the beginning but you get used to it.  I played tetris on my cell phone and that helped pass the time.
    • know your lactation consultant's number before you actually need her.
    • be prepared to sit somewhere nursing for long stretches of time.  I always had a giant water bottle by my side (a big glass was annoying b/c then I had to stretch to reach the end table while nursing where I could just throw the bottle right next to me instead)
    • be prepared for your house to be messier than usual b/c you are often nursing.  Embrace it.  You're doing very important work.
    • drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water
    • don't give up.  Nursing can be really challenging, especially in the beginning, but then it gets really simple once you and your LO get the hang of it.  I can't tell you how many of my friends quit early on.  When you need support, don't call the people who will just suggest that you quit, call the ones who will encourage you and help you remember all the reasons why you chose to nurse in the first place.
    • enjoy the time nursing your LO.  As a mommy whose LO is in the process of self-weaning, the time just flies by.   
  • Tongue Tiedsorry my post is so hard to read.  I used bullets but they're not there. 
  • Pumps: I use the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I borrowed it from a friend and really like it. However, now that I have commited to BFing/pumping for awhile I really want the hands free option so I bought the Medela Freestyle.

    Bottles: We use BornFree. I love them! DS goes back and forth between breast and bottle with no problem, and he has never had gas issues. They are designed to be friendly to BF babies.

    Resources: See if your hospital offers a BF class. Mine did for $35 and it was really helpful.

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  • I have a little tip: every time you feed or pump, take a little bit of milk, spread it on your nipple and let it air dry.

    I'm sure this is one of the main reason my nipples didn't crack.

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