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Wait, am I actually having a GOOD day?!

Wow! I think I am feeling better! I am coming to peace with everything. I hope this feeling last...

I have had moments today that would normally knock me right back into bed and keep me there for the rest of the day. For example, I ran into a co-worker and had to "explain" my time off. Well, he thought it was strange that I didn't have a huge belly and no baby around, so I felt obligated to share my story, but he knew. I also received mail for baby Audrina and my Parents magazine. But, I made it through!!!

Unfortunately, I am getting ready to go to sit in a room full of pregnant women and babies. Oh, joy! The day I have been anticipating is finally here. This might be the one thing that knocks me back into bed. I haven't been to the doctor since I was VERY pregnant, so this is my first time and I am dreading it. How did you guys get through your first appointment? I am thinking about wearing a blind fold and bringing my iPod so I don't have to see or hear any babies/pregnant women. Lol only kidding...


I hope you are all feeling at peace today. Because of YOU I am feeling at peace. So, THANK YOU!!! For helping me feel good! Even if this feeling only last for today!

I pray for you all!!!

Re: Wait, am I actually having a GOOD day?!

  • I hope your appointment goes well today!
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  • This is so great to hear!  And honestly, the ipod in the waiting room doesn't sound like a bad idea.

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  • Good for you!  I hope your appointment goes well and there aren't too many "reminders" in the waiting room.  Maybe they should think like pediatricians with the sick/well waiting rooms and do "preggo/baby free zone".
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  • Good luck at your appointment.
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  • image jamilynn9:
    Maybe they should think like pediatricians with the sick/well waiting rooms and do "preggo/baby free zone".

    EXACTLY what I was thinking this morning when in the OB's waiting room for 40 minutes with SEVEN pregnant women.  Holy mother of god.  I was silently crying the whole time, and just about to ask if I could wait the rest of the time in an empty exam room when they called my name.

    Responding to the original post, I really hope your good day continued, and I hope all of us get there, too--soon.  It's definitely a mourning process that needs time (to honor the loss), but it's also uplifting to hear there's some light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you for sharing.  :-)

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