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How many NB outfits will I need??

I'm trying to get everything ready and washed and realized that I don't have many NB sized clothes. 1. How many do I need?? 2. How long was your LO in NB clothes? 3. What style did u use most? Gowns? Side-snap tshirts? Snp? Does/did anyone's LO not even fit in NB size and go straight to size 0-3? TIA ladies!!
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Re: How many NB outfits will I need??

  • we used onesies and sleepers.

    ds was 8lbs at birth and in nb for 3 weeks. dd was 6lbs at birth and in nb for 3-4 weeks-- she's long and outgrew them at the same time he did.

  • DD was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth and I thought for sure she would be too big for newborns....she was in them for a month. I think it just depends on the baby. I liked the side snaps or the sleepers. The gowns were HUGE. GL!
  • I went overboard with clothing. I have about 10 newborn sleepers and about 4 or 5 rompers..also about 10 newborn sized onesies and 10 gowns.


    My son will be a month old tomorrow and is still in some of the newborn stuff. The things that have feet in them are the things that he has outgrown the quickest since he has long legs. 


    Parker was 6lbs 15 oz when he was born, so I knew he would be in newborn for awhile. I've had friends that have had 10lb babies and they still needed newborn for a week or so.

  • LO has already grown out of NB and is in 0-3. We bought WAY more NB clothes than we needed, most unworn. The only things that we put him in were onesies, my favorite being the ones that snapped down the front so you didn't have to cause LO discomfort in putting it over his head. My LO weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz.
  • We had about 12-15 onesies/sleepers, etc.  Then, our friends gave us about 30 more pieces b/c their son was too large for them.  So, we have TONS of NB clothing.  DS was born 3 weeks early and still seems to have plenty of room in the NB clothing (he's 2 weeks old now).  I'd imagine he'll be wearing this size for another few weeks (probably a total of 4-5 weeks).  The 0-3 clothing is HUGE on him, he was 6.9 at birth and 7.5 now by the way.
  • How many just depends on how often you want to do laundry.

    DD was in NB for about 4 weeks.  She wore whatever he had gotten as gifts but she mostly wears onsies.  She wore sleepers for a while but now that its so hot she sleeps in just a diaper.

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  • The things I used most were gowns and sleepers.   I think we have 6 of each.  It's nice to have extras in case of diaper leaks.  A few onsies and/or side-snap shirts would be good to have too.  LO is almost 5 weeks old and can still fit in newborn clothes even though he's almost 10lbs.

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  • This was one thing that really threw me off when DS was born. Everyone said to skip NB clothes. Well, we had to run out the first week to get some. He was almost 8 pounds at birth, and he was in NB clothes for at least the first month.

    I would say you'll want a few outfits (Carter's has a few NB outfits - they're kind of hard to find) - for visitors.

    Then you'll need to think about what you want him/her to sleep in. We bought some of the side snap t-shirts (long-sleeve) and used those under a sleep sack. I'd say you'll want 5-6 t-shirts and a few sleep sacks.

    The t-shirts are nice because they have the built-in mittens. If you're going to swaddle, the short-sleeve snap t-shirts would be good. If not, just a few NB sleepers (maybe 4-5?). I personally, didn't like putting onesies on him by myself when his head was so wobbly.

    I also really liked the romper-type outfits. They  are by Carters and they button all the way up like a sleeper, but they are shorts. I think they're called sleep and play or something. We had 4-5 of those. Best wishes!

  • We had WAY TOO MANY. We had about 10 outfits, a sleep sack, a swaddler and two gowns. She ended up wearing each at least once, but I had about 3 favorites that I prefered to keep her in. She still can fit into some of them but she is also in the 0-3 months now too and I want her to wear those before she grows out of them. My dd is petite only 19 inches at birth, and now at 5 weeks only 8 1/2 pounds. ps. my dd hated the swaddler, she hates having her arms and legs confined so I would wait to buy one til after your LO is born. :)

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  • OH! and my favorites were zip up onesies...

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  • Our DD was 7 lbs 13 ozs at birth and fit in her newborn stuff for about 3-4 weeks depending on the brand. 

    The carters newborn stuff runs a bit smaller and dont even bother buying Gerber Newborns since they shrink so badly, make sure you buy 0-3 for any Gerber stuff. Circo onsies from Target tended to run a bit bigger and fit the longest but their night gowns were alot smaller than the other brands we had.

     As for what you need 4-6 gowns (just makes night time diaper changes much easier) if you can find some with a couple of buttons down the front or back that is great since I know our DD hated having stuff pulled over her head.

    6-8 Side button shirts (again if you get these from Gerber make sure you go up to 0-3 not Newborns)

    5-6 Onsies (we had DD in Gerber 6-9 month onsies within 3 weeks so probably 3-6 months in those at the smallest)

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  • I got a couple 5 packs of  Carter's onesies.  I also rec. the soft stretchy pants by Carters. I also had a few long sleeved onesies with the fold-over cuff to hide the hands/nails.

    I personally did not like the nightgowns (with the elastic opening at the bottom) because there was just too much fabric when I would pull them up to change her, she would have a wad of material under her back which looked uncomfortable.

    I would say my daughter was in NB size for about 6 weeks (depends on the baby though) You should have plenty on hand because she would go through a couple per day due to spit-ups and diaper blow-outs (poop up the back etc)

    I also recommend the swaddle blankets with the velco closures.

  • Totally agree with pp on Gerber. They make the side snap t-shirts - go up to 0-3 and don't dry them!
  • When DD was born we only had 3 NB sleepers.  She was 7 pounds when she was born.  She stayed in those till she was about a month old.  We went out and bought her some regular NB size outfits and 0-3.  She is now just about 2 months old and still wears NB sized bottoms.  All her skirts and pants have to NB otherwise they are too big.  Even some of her NB bottoms are too big in the waist.  It's just hard to tell what size you're going to need.
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  • Neither of my babies wore NB anything.  They were both over 9lbs at birth.

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  • We didn't have anything NB sized.  He was 7lbs 15oz at birth.  We've been putting him in onesies mostly.
  • I did not buy any NB outfits prior to LO coming.  My nephew did not fit into any NB clothes.  We got two onesies and three outfits as gifts and we rotate through those.  I love gowns and we use those for jammies if not swaddling, but we use 0-3 gowns.  If we are swaddling (using velcro swaddler) we use 0-3 tees under them so we can check her diaper without unswaddling.  LO does not spit up much so we have only had to change outfits a time or two due to leaks. She is only two weeks so we are still in NB clothes.


  • Our DS was 7 lb 14 oz at birth.  He weighed 12 lb 3 oz last Saturday at 7 1/2 weeks. 

    We used mostly onesies and pants during the day (our house is cool) and sleepers at night.  He wore NB onesie sizes until he was about 4 weeks old (he could have worn them longer had we used disposable diapers), sleepers until about 6 weeks (brand dependent, he still wears his circo NB sleeper).  He can also still wear NB pants (even over his chunky cloth diapers). 

  • DS was 7 lbs 10 ounces at birth and NB clothes were all too big for him!  I ended up sending DH to the store when we got home from the hospital to stock up on the Gerber side-snap long-sleeved onesies....5-8 lbs, I think they were sized?  They were perfect for 2 weeks -- I bought 2 packs of them and did laundry every 2 days.  We kept him swaddled most of the time those 2 weeks, so he was always just in those onesies and the swaddle.  When he sized up to NB, I bought 7 sleepers and he lived in those for a month!  (Of course, it was kind of chilly through the end of May, and we have a/c, so the sleepers were more appropriate for us than onesies)


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