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Should a baby that is not immunized be around a baby that is?


My LO is immunized and my SIL's LO is not, because of her parents beliefs. Should I take my LO around her baby? I have heard many sources say that babies that are immunized should never be around a baby that is not. 

Re: Immunizations

  • I think it takes up to 6 weeks for immunizations to take full effect (someone else jump in here if it varies for different immunizations), but the point of immunizations to keep from getting the disease when exposed to it.

  • I will never understand why parents choose not to immunize. Obviously it is a personal choice, but it makes me mad. It is totally up to you if your child is around hers. But it doesn't really Seem possible to keep your child away from your SILs forever. And really, we don't know if our kids are ever around strangers not immunized do we? I would talk to your pedi at this point and go with what they say.
  • personally I would not have my child around a child whose parents chose not to immunize. Now, at an appropriate age I would allow them to be around a child who couldn't be immunized b/c of a medical condition.
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