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if u started pumping at work @ 8 wks..

I am sadly going back to work at 8 weeks. I am a teacher and will be away from the house about 7:30-3:30. I have already started pumpingsome extra to hopefully have a stash and I will be pumping at work.

If you started to pump at work at 8 weeks:

1. How many times did you pump/ when during the day?

2. Into how many ounces did you seperate what you would freeze?

3. At 8 weeks, how much does your little one eat while you are away? What is their general day time eating schedule at this age?

I am so hoping not to have to give her any formula. I pumped at work w. my son, but I didn't have to go back w. him until 5 months and he did have to have some formula because w. my schedule I could only pump once a day.Thanks for any info you have.


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Re: if u started pumping at work @ 8 wks..

  • I work in childcare and I get 2 half hour breaks to pump.  I also pump in the morning before DD wakes and about an hour after she falls asleep at night.  I leave it all in the storage bottles for the day and make her 4 oz bottles when I get home.   She eats 5 oz for her first bottle then 4 oz ones after every 3 hours,  At night she clusters a bit and I don't know how much as I nurse her.
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  • I too am a teacher.  I pumped 3x a day with DS #1.  I'd pump before the kids came 9am.  Then at my lunchtime which was like 11:30am.  Then I'd pump again at 3pm when the kids were at specials.  I was usually able to get about 2 oz.  I'd combine to get a 4 oz. bottle most of the time but sometimes I'd leave them as 2 oz. as snack bottles in case he got a little extra hungry.  The first week will probably be the hardest to gage how much your LO is actually eating.  They tend to eat a little more than what you pump because they can get more out of you than you can pump.  Same eating schedule as when you nurse every 3-4 hours.  Hope this helps.  Also I had to take More Milk Plus tablets to keep my supply up because I was running around so much and not drinking enough.  Good luck!!

  • I also went back to work at 8 weeks and I pump 2x/day. I have to pump once at home too, in order to have enough for 4 4oz bottles the next day. I will usually pump when I get home because Sydney has taken her last bottle at daycare towards the end of the day and isn't hungry when I get home. I prepare 4 4oz bottles for her and she will usually go through all 4 (although not all 4oz each time) unless there is a day where she sleeps more and then there will be an extra bottle at the end of the day that I save for the next day.
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  •  I pump at 5am before I go to work. Then I will pump around 11 or noon depending on when I can get a room to pump in. I also pump once I get home at around 5. I have my last pump session before I go to bed at night around 10 or 10:30. I make 5, 6oz bottles for everyday. Chase feeds about 4 times before I get home and I have one ready for when I get home and need to pump. Yes he is eating between 5 and 6oz and every feeding. He likes to eat! It is not that bad since i get  between 10 and 12 oz during every pump session. It sucks when I wake up in the morning because I am so full, but at least I don't have to worry about my son being hungry.
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